Comic: “Friendship Evolved”

February 23, 2009
Comic:  “Friendship Evolved”

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How very sad.

26 Responses to Comic: “Friendship Evolved”

  1. Ognawk says:

    Aww poor fish 🙁

  2. Mark Dell says:

    Linky goes to an old comic.

  3. Masterwabbit says:

    Yeah, the link’s not going to the right one.

    Still, this fish comic made me cry a bit.

    – I mean, NO IT DIDN’T!! I’m 100% manly, I tell you!


  4. Bearbutt says:

    I like the evolved fish’s look. It’s like “Hey Ralphie! Isn’t this the greatest thing ever? C’mon up!”

    Made me laugh.

  5. Alex says:

    Well at least the land fish has fins and gills so he can always visit his fish friend.

  6. Scott says:

    Fixed the link.

  7. Tom says:

    That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen*.

    *possible slight exaggeration, but only slight!

  8. Hadgi says:

    imagine what that would feel like, growing legs out of no where
    i can just see that fish saying “What are these things??”

  9. thrivis says:

    awww… times they are a changin’!

  10. mercator says:

    The emotional evolution Darwin never considered… *sigh* *sniff*

  11. Damiri says:

    I am a Bio major and loved this cartoon; Scott, if you have any more ideas for Evolution toons, it’s a great way to celebrate 150 years since the publication of On the Origin of Species! Awesome.

  12. Holm says:

    I loved this one! Makes me laugh out loud for real!

  13. Holm says:

    Also, how does Scott make that grainy look? is it a filter?

  14. koji says:

    So sad, yet awesome!

  15. CDRaff says:

    That is very sad… I wanna cry!

  16. dan says:

    Love it.

  17. colin says:

    awww poor unevolved fishy.

  18. Tzil says:

    This was truely excellent. One of the better comics you’ve done; I really enjoy the work you do where the story is conveyed almost only bye pictures. Keep it up.

  19. Veko says:

    Though, assuredly, you know this, I have to say it…Evolution doesn’t work that way.

    Never-the-less, quite entertaining indeed.

  20. Doctorsoul says:

    @veko I received a flyer yesterday stating that evolution never happened and was a lie to get more non-believers. It was an entertaining read nonetheless.
    Yup, still wiping tears from my eyes, couldn’t stop laughing.

    This comic goes straight to my top ten list.

  21. kitzkar says:

    “wiping tears from my eyes, couldn’t stop laughing”
    “That is very sad… I wanna cry!”

    You guys are all over the place…

    • Open says:

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  22. Stephen says:

    Quoting from the great Philip J. Fry: “Except in Kansas” 🙂

  23. geljamin says:

    🙁 I haven’t been this sad since the end of Death Note

  24. Noah says:

    I don’t get it… did he fart in the water, then jump up on land to get away from the “smell”?

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