Comic: “Fan Boy Disease”

August 4, 2009
Comic:  “Fan Boy Disease”

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  1. Osphere says:

    Sadly the case sometimes lol

  2. corhen says:

    love it, that is SOOO much some of my friends

  3. hadgi says:

    heh, angry sentient turd

  4. Brian Duff says:

    And You can’t have Tron without Bruce Boxleitner…. wait… what? He’s in the movie too?… Well if they don’t have the MCP in the movie, I’m just going to walk out at the end of the movie and ask for my childhood back… lol

  5. Jose "From Wisconsin" says:

    Can’t help but listen to Brian’s and Scott’s voice when reading that comic. Great work.

  6. Rex Hondo says:

    Heh. Toss the term “raping my childhood” in there and it’d be flawless.

  7. EonsPast says:


    I think that Scott modeled the two characters after himself and the B-man. 😉

  8. OnyxSparrow says:

    The sad truth is that NO remake will ever be as well recieved as the movie makers think it will. It doesn’t matter how awesome the effects, how fantastic the acting, or how superior the camerawork is… it’s still crap that will never be as good as the original is. Sure, all those youngin’s out there won’t be able to make comparisons, but that means they won’t get why it’s supposed to be so awesome either. It’s a cycle built on a need for the old skool fans to NEED to watch the re-make for the comparison value, which drives up the premiere weekend profits, which gets the new audience to go see it in the following weeks because it made so much money that opening weekend meaning it must be good… FIE! Fie on your corperate shenanigans!! I will await it’s apperance on the $5 discounted ticket list four weeks in and get my nostalgia on.

  9. Morex says:

    Awesome strip, Scott. I know a lot of people who think just like that and nothing seems to contempt them. Great art, as usual!

  10. nathan says:

    Although i appreciate what tron was in the past… in regards to art direction, intergration of CG effects… and heck even the patriarch to the vidja game movie genre… and although more than likely i will place down my 10 bucks to go see this movie… I think that we can all realize here that Tron as a movie really just sucked… i mean it takes the premise of captain “n” (a good cartoon no less) and runs with it… yes i am aware of the fact that tron came before it. however the acting wasnt that great the story was horrible… it was a lot like the 2nd and 3rd matrix movies… a “hey lets see what we can do with our computers” thing. i know that the original tron was success ful moderately. 25 million dollar budget made i think 48 million in the box office… (probably 3 times that in 2009 dollars) i just dont see the fanatical side to it… star wars.. star trek… matrix all these are understandable… but not tron sheesh

  11. Sly says:

    nice one 🙂

    works with every re-make,-imagining, -launch, -start…….

    one has to love the fanboys

  12. Ransom says:

    Two things:

    Captain “N” came out long after Tron.

    This is not a remake or reboot or whatever the cool executives are pushing these days. It’s an honest-to-goodness sequel.

  13. Charles says:

    I can’t see how anyone who actually watched the movie could say that the original Tron “sucked”, the story was awesome. How anyone could compare Tron to some weak Nintendo cartoon aimed at advertising Nintendo games is a stretch. It’s not even in the same arena.

  14. Zorbane says:

    Great comic, nothing worse than a fan boy with a closed mind 🙁

  15. kayshi says:

    Well ransom… i pointed out in my post that captain n came out after tron (thanks for reading my post by the way) and i am more than well aware its a sequel… that wasnt what i was addressing… i just thought the story and the movie wasnt that good… i was just trying to understand the whole appeal of it thats all! lol man didnt mean to start a fight…

    and to charles actually yes it is the same! getting pulled into a computer/ video game system to fight a big head that is ruining the videogame world/ what ever world tron was in…. again i think tron was absolutely fundamental to art direction and of course lightcycles kick buttocks however you have to admit the similarities are there sheesh

    regardless of the the secret agenda of captain i was just saying the plots were similar…

  16. kayshi says:

    oops i said fundamental when i meant monumental

  17. Mr. Casual says:

    Actually, Kayshi, I thought Tron was a wonderful movie, in terms of story _and_ effects. Tron was the source that started off virtual-reality-meets-actual-reality movies like The Matrix, The Thirteenth Floor, and Lawnmower Man (which had very little to do with Stephen King’s short story). Sure, if you watch it today, some of the tech jargon can make you cringe, but that was the times. Some of the acting was passable, but I felt the key elements were superb for the strangeness of the setting and plot. Jeff Bridges made an excellent protagonist with plenty of faults and a dose of honest humor. David Warner managed to pull triple-duty as all three of the film’s key villains (not that Dillinger really amounted to much, but he was _there_), and the MCP was a very dark and foreboding character, nevermind that it turned out to be a giant face. Who doesn’t love a truly evil A.I.? Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan made for good secondary characters.

    Captain N was a lame attempt to stuff as many popular Nintendo characters as they possibly could into the same storyline. I’ll admit I watched it a few times, and even liked a few episodes, but it was nowhere near the same concept. It was probably birthed in marketing. Yes, they both involve being thrust into a computer world to fight a giant face, but I think that’s generalizing them a bit too much. Tron was a story about Flynn’s redemption and the wonder of the world inside our computers. There was death and pain and real danger. Captain N was a money grab with lots of bad jokes.

    Still, you are entitled to your opinions, just as is anyone who says Tron was a bad film. Even though it makes me die a little inside every time I hear it. 😛

    I, for one, am excited to see the sequel.

  18. Love the strip, dude!
    Don’t even talk to me about being a Tron fan unless you’ve had frisbee bruises on your shins in your childhood–the sentient turds (love that term!) will be there, because that kind of movie demands to be seen in a dark theater.
    Anyone complaining during the movie will do well to remember that I play Disc Golf from time to time, and I’ll be tempted to bring a driver or two. Wham-O can be a verb too… Mwahahahahahaaa!

  19. kayshi says:

    I thought tron was a psuedo religous movie.. talking about the rise up against the all powerful users and and embracing the mcp… but oh well… i agree that we are all entitled to our opinions about what movies are good and which ones are not… however we can all admit freely that Tron is not anywhere near as good as The Princess Bride

    In regards the over generalization of the plot you may be correct… but think about what if a new movie was (takes on best movie announcer barritone…) “billy was a kid that no one understood… always the target by the school bully named skull. but one fateful day billy gets sucked into his Xbox and becomes….. THE STREET FIGHTER!.” obviously this is a much better premise than the other two street fighter movies and odds are would have made more money… but still…

    you know? that doesnt sound so bad….

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