Comic: Evolution

June 23, 2010
Comic:  Evolution

About this comic

Not so much of a joke as it’s just an illustrated look at the evolution of controllers over time…from Pong to Kinect, I tried to put all the landmarks there. Hope you enjoy it. Thinking about putting this up on the store as an inexpensive 12inch by 36inch signed print. Any interest?

UPDATE: Done. On the store now. While you can do the normal comic print purchase, the one in the store is a large format 12 x 36 signed edition.

51 Responses to Comic: Evolution

  1. Darrell says:

    I predict that Kinect will die a horrible, twitching, embarrassing death. Just an opinion.

    • Karma says:

      I thought the same before E3, but with the voice commands, and how well it works next to how poorly the Move works, made me change my opinion. Price is steep, but they made a quality device. I’m still way to lazy to ever use it though, just saying…

      • Bandu says:

        Price is steep? have you calculated the ammount of money you would need to play wii with the same ammount of players?

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    • Trebblebase says:

      I thought so to, but as said above with the voice commands and the fact you can scroll through your film collection with the wave of your hands…i’m buying it haha!

  2. Zorbane says:

    Wow this is a great comic. Sharing it with my friends

  3. Tigerguy786 says:

    The only one you missed was the legendarily weird N64 3 handled controller…what the sense make was that?

    I like the comic though.

    • Thought about it but already felt I was giving Nintendo too many slots, despite the fact that they tend to push controller inovation. πŸ™‚

      • Bobby says:

        But that was the first controller to have a thumbstick 8-direction control scheme.

      • Omitting the N64 was kind of a bad oversight in my opinion. It was the first analog controller with force feedback for a home console. Sony didn’t announce any plans for analog until the N64 controller revealed it, and didn’t introduce force feedback until the Rumble Pak was announced.

      • You guys are right, but it’s too much nintendo…so I give a generational example that does the trick. makes sense, yeah?

      • Kain201 says:

        I could be wrong, but wasn’t the Gamecube WaveBird the first wireless controller?

      • Bobby the Confused says:

        Nintendo is undeniably the leader in controllers, so I would definitely throw in the 64. Real Gamers who are the ones who will buy it from the store won’t mind and will applaud you for it good sir.

      • Bobby the Confused says:

        @Kain201 Atari had the first wireless controller.

      • Layn says:

        well i don’t see a problem with nintendo getting most slots. they are usually the first ones to do something new with a controller and they do it well.
        while the sony controller usually just takes what nintendo did, doubles it and crams it into it’s horribly uncomfortable controller. but then again if we are going by comfort, it would have to be the Xbox 360 controller.

        oh well just being a bit fanboyish

      • Mistrblank says:

        Actually I think you should have dropped the NES controller and pushed in a master system controller and squeezed in the SNES controller.

        I don’t agree at all with the N64 controller though, in that generation, the dual shock was the controller.

        • Maki says:

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  4. dethmunky says:

    The next step is a naked brain throbbing with power.

  5. Hannibal says:

    A classic Extralife. really funny.

  6. Royale says:

    What’s the third one? I own/owned all the others but can’t quite place it.

    • FlownOver says:

      That would be the Intellivision I believe

      • wyatt says:

        with the cool plastic inserts you got for each game controller to tell you what buttons did what. People I talk to don’t remember the Intellivision.

  7. Mark says:

    ahh the first one brings memories of pong… back… good times… back when my dad worked for rodine, man that was early.. we had this in the attic in ’87 when i found it. ZX was my first computer, not a keyboard but the rubber keys were awful. No controller, hell you had to buy a tape deck to go with it πŸ˜›

    we’ve come a long way baby !

    kinect isn’t going to work well, they should have stuck to the wii/ps3 thingy… although the wii probably does it better, the PS3 has 3d and blu ray… the xbox 360 now has..

    umm.. a new console which WILL force everyone to upgrade eventually, the microsoft way. As this new one doesn’t have red rings of death (new one fan and chip) and… the previous 360’s will ALL break and be replaced until warranty runs out… you WILL have to upgrade.

    i wouldn’t buy the accessory for the old 360, i’d save for a new one… and get ready to transfer all your data to the new HDD which isn’t compatable with the old HDD… on this console.

    the 360 – good software, shit hardware…

  8. bigbang says:

    i’d love that motive on a t-shirt!

  9. Twiggy says:

    Love it.

    I think it’s worthy of the store!

  10. Foxlore says:

    Oh wow, the Intellivision controller. Man, how I hated that thing. Used to make my thumbs raw trying to depress those buttons.

    I have to agree with Darrell a bit. I don’t think the Kinect will do well for gaming. But I also agree with one of the girls from TNT who said that as a form of interface control (ala Minority Report), that may be where Kinect will shine.

  11. PACrivellaro says:

    A print that is basically all of the significant controllers (the, oh, twenty or so of them?) leading up to Kinect?

    I’d pay good money for that.

  12. Ryan says:

    I would buy it

  13. aussiebluemoon says:

    Looking at that, I’m reminded of a slogan I’ve seen on a Jinx t-shirt…
    “Choose your weapon”

    Great comic Scott

  14. Zacko says:

    Make it a print!! πŸ˜€

  15. Paintguy says:

    Ahh.. the Intellivision memories. I still have a game song stuck in my head… something about climbing a building avoiding open windows. Definitely got a dent in my fingers from those side buttons. Thanks for taking us back Scott.

  16. Jaramide says:

    Just thought that the new VGCats comic was pretty interesting in light of this comic =D

    • Sahil says:

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  17. Dave says:

    I’d buy it

  18. NeuroMan42 says:

    OK, this needs to be a print dammit!

  19. Aenar says:

    I’d buy the print πŸ˜€

  20. Ryan says:

    Just to restate. . .I would buy the print

  21. To hell with them all says:

    I can’t decide if hating 3D and motion controllers make me old and grumpy.

    It’s not like I hate other new technologies. It’s just that this seems like a load of bullshit gimmicks that ruins game playability.

  22. Drakenkorin says:

    Hahaha this is hilarious πŸ˜€

  23. Mad-Bassist says:

    Sweet! I have fond memories of the Atari controllers. I ruled on that joystick, and it was nice knowing I could have had eight paddle controls on my computer for Super Breakout… if I really, really wanted to.

    Ahh. Intellivision. My brother-in-law had that, and I loved their baseball game, but unfortunately I was too good at itβ€”no one wanted to play with me. If only there were more people my age around there back then. Oh well, there was always Atlantis and I think it was called Space Armada.

    ~Thank you for the memories~

  24. Ken says:

    Put it up on the store and let us know Scott, I’ll order prints instantly.

    – Ken B

  25. Drakosfire says:

    This may have been said but Since there are some of my favorites and I think important steps (Thats right I loved the dreamcast and the Duke, what! πŸ™‚ why not just do an alternate evolution? Have one that show ps3 into the move and the other evolution into kinect

  26. Donnerberg says:

    Between the NES controller and the Sony one, I’d like to a dude wearing the Virtual Boy with steam coming from his eyes.

  27. When I saw this, I immediately wanted it up on my wall. Thanks for making it a print. Oh and totally agree with going with the Dualshock over the N64 controller. While N64 introduced analog, Dualshock perfected it and analog was really the key gimmick to that generation of controllers. There’s not too many, not too few. Good balance and great caricature. I really love this and can’t wait to see it framed and hung over my couch.

  28. pc gaming representative says:

    what about the mouse?
    control, precision, speed, better than any pad or motion control

  29. Sergoes says:

    Please put this on a t-shirt!

  30. Ongoing says:

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