Comic: “Every answer a new question”

March 23, 2010
Comic:  “Every answer a new question”

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Still loving lost. But even I can admit I have no idea how they are gonna get this all wrapped up. I’m in for the final stretch to be sure. Enjoy!

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  1. prenden2 says:

    Bravo! You’ll have to add a new strip next week, I’m sure Ab Aeterno will put the smile back on Mr. Tall’s face!

  2. Zippy says:

    This is great… I have more questions about the Flash sideways world and how they are going to merge the 2 worlds…

    Speaking of Lost, though… Found a great comic based in the Lost world.

  3. Veko says:

    I’m in the same boat, Scott. It’s a great trip, but I don’t know where they’re going.

  4. DanielMesa says:

    Cast is good, budget is good (which makes the series look good), but they are indeed lost, long time lost. What about all those characters they introduced and told their stories? What with the sudden changes in main character’s personalities? And now they keep opening new storylines with the parallel world in which nobody arrived to the island, mehw…

    However, it didn’t take me up to the eight episode to foresee that they were going to do many other turn arounds, it was pretty clear from episode one in this season.

    Funny, though, I also made a little comicstrip about Lost when the season finale began, some weeks ago.



  5. Darkumbra says:

    I never did get into this show… watched the first 3 episodes and just KNEW that we’d never get to see the thing that rattled the trees in the first episode. Not my cup of chai

  6. Tom says:

    I just have to say that last night’s episode “Ab Aeterno” was the best one so far this season!

  7. Chris says:

    The drama, the acting… it’s all great. The latest history of Richard… great stuff. But I’ve yet to get answers. Sure the forums are a-blaze with controversy, philosophy from some minor things they’ve seen, but they are but more questions…..

  8. d says:

    Nestor. Freakin. Carbonell. Holy moley. Great great show this week.

  9. Jaramide says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me att all if in the final episode, it turns out it was all some bad cheese they ate on the airplane and the whole series was just a mass hallucination.

  10. N.T. Blevins says:

    I thought it was pretty clear, although disappointing, that the entire storyline is based on keeping “Mr. Black” on the island, and the cast are all pawns in that game, brought to the island to prove to “Mr. Black” that people can make good choices, and to possibly replace Jacob. The final episodes will be an escalating conflict featuring “Mr. Black” trying to “pop the cork” and get off the island, to wreak havoc on the world.
    There were a few ways they could have gone: Aliens, Island Gods, Purgatory, Dimensional Travel etc. – and they appear to have taken a subtle God/Devil approach.

    However: We may find that the big reveal at the end of the series is that they are indeed dead, and did die in the plane crash, and the Island represents a purgatory-holding like place, but escape would allow one to re-enter the world at large.

    Who knows? I think… nobody. Least of all ABC.

    • Ganesh says:

      that they had bens friend and when the wkliae talkie came on the person said ive got clems parents and ben relized that the bandits diddnt really hav his friend so possibly the person stalking´╗┐ lee is a banditn

  11. roflcopter says:

    I hate you for saying anything about that episode before I had a chance to watch it. GEEZ, what happened to spoiler warnings!? Thanks T_T

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