Comic: “Even Bruce needs time alone”

February 11, 2009
Comic:  “Even Bruce needs time alone”

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Yeah, I know…don’t ask. Comic.

24 Responses to Comic: “Even Bruce needs time alone”

  1. wolfgang says:

    very nice 🙂

  2. Tyler says:

    Batz… or FATZ? sorry, couldn’t resist =D

  3. fed says:

    loving the sky looks like watercolor

  4. Keefe says:

    Especially away from that pesky Robin kid.

  5. Zorbane says:

    More fat superheros!

  6. Jessika says:

    Bruce needs to lay off the Batcakes more than he needs alone time.

  7. Jonah says:

    Someone stole his anti-high fructose corn syrup spray.

  8. Burky126 says:

    The folds of fat look beautifully poignant in the sunset.

  9. koji says:

    The folds of fat came out brilliant. Plus the drawing itself is top notch anatomically correct (as far as turbo-fatties as concerned) which isn’t the strong side of Scott’s artistic arsenal on a usual basis. It’s just one panel, but it speaks to the soul. Great work, Scott.

  10. mercator says:

    ok if that isn’t motivation for me to go on a diet…

    That could be me if I gain another 200 and a cowl…

  11. Steven says:

    ‘Everybody needs a little time away
    I heard her say, from each other…”
    (“Her” would be Robin in this case)

  12. Eric says:

    … trying not to ask… 😛 (Actually, I like these “just draw it” things.)

  13. robbiephilly says:

    the sky is so…..beautiful

  14. koji says:

    Ah! Now I know why the anatomy is so flawless: – and no, I wasn’t looking for it. Total coincidence. Sorry, Scott. 😉

  15. Scott says:

    ?? That link is to some company’s logo.

    I think you mean this image.

    …and yes, i used it as reference when creating this. Not news…something every artist does here and there. The “Kirbymare” comic features a person that I used a photo of my son as reference for.

    I guess I am confused as to why you are sorry?

  16. colin says:

    what are you talking about…. he’s always alone!

  17. 9squirrels says:

    Why is it everyone you draw is fat? I know the whole “Americans are fat” thing, but surely not ALL Americans? I’ve seen Beverly Hills 90210, I know there’s some slim ones out there… 🙂

  18. Tonesbroke2 says:

    ::sigh: The fat bat made me a little melancholy…

  19. koji says:

    It was the same pic, but I guess (a polish satirical site) has some linking protection. Anyway, the “sorry” comment was because of me praising your character’s flawless anatomy, since I thought you drew it straight away and not with reference. I don’t mind artists using photos for reference – it’s only natural. It’s just that I thought you had put some extra effort to make your fattie batman a bit more realistic and it turned out it was just from reference. So the “sorry” remark was probably to myself, since I would like to see some more realistic and engaging drawing in Extralife (and in other webcomics too).

  20. Scott says:

    ahh. Fair enough. was just confused about where you were coming from, but I get it. Unfortunately, often the more realistic the work, the more an artist has to have real life references to nail it. Ever see Norman Rockwell paint? He goes one better. Before he started using photos for reference later in his career, he would bring in the entire group of people he wanted to depict, set them up with all the props (table, wall hangings, etc) and painted from that.

    I guess what I am saying is that this practice is the norm, not the exception.

  21. koji says:

    Yeah, I know. I just didn’t see much referenced drawings on Extralife earlier and thought that perhaps your style has taken a drastic turn to the realistic. I sure would love to see more of that on Extralife (referenced or not, whatever), since most of the regular characters are very deformed (especially the tiny hands). It’s not that I’m some anatomy-purist. I know that comics are just a reflection of reality, but since fattie batman came out so well, I guess it’s not impossible for this kind of more-proportioned style to appear on Extralife more often, a? I’d sure love that. Anyway, keep up the good work and tell O not to overdo on the details (he, on the other hand is twisted in the opposite direction – he is drawing too realistically for a comic, IMO).

  22. evirus says:

    what happened to that sci-fi channel related comic i saw up a few seconds ago? “wrestling in spaaaaaccceeee”

  23. Shephard says:

    we’ve gone back in tiiiiimmeeee!

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