Comic: “Drag him out, one last time…”

May 11, 2009
Comic:  “Drag him out, one last time…”

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Loved the movie, but holy shmoo, Nemoy is OLD! I love the guy, but it felt sort of weird to see him like that for some reason. Had to do a comic as a result. Nothing wrong with being old, just saying.

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  1. Cantonkid says:

    Loved ‘In Search of” back in the day…wonder how many would remember it these days. Would love to see that series on DVD or something…

  2. Xandarr says:


  3. CJMack says:

    Wow, an “In Search Of…” reference! (And a Lights! Camera! Action! reference, sort of). Now I feel like Old Spock.

  4. NeuroMan42 says:

    ROFLMAO… that was awesome, Scott.

  5. Saz says:

    i got the chills when i saw nemoy! i loved how they brought him into the story. very awesome.

    what is in search of? 😉

  6. raingod says:

    I remember watching that as a kid. Thanks for making me feel old! 🙂

  7. Scott says:

    Saz: Google.

  8. Brian Duff says:

    lol.. In Search Of Spock… I actually haven’t seen it in years. I have Wrath of Khan though. It and Generations are the only movies I have with the original cast still showing up. Nimoy is old though. It’s to be expected. lol. Now if they had brought DeForrest Kelly back using digital means, that would be just creepier.

    • Katsiane says:

      A well done video that made me laugh. Hmmm . interesting thuoght . I look at a computer screen so much these days, sometimes it takes my eyes a second to focus when I look up from the screen to the 3 dimensional world. I thuoght it was my aging vision. Maybe I should try wearing the glasses for my computer work. :-^

  9. ROTFL! That made my day!
    I just found a four-disc set of “Mobster Movies” – you know, those cheap DVDs with four movies or so per disc that apparently cost nothing to license. One of them is Kid Monk Baroni from 1952: Nimoy’s first outing as a lead character. He plays a boxer who becomes successful because he’s ugly, but becomes a victim of his success when he can afford to get his face fixed. I wouldn’t have recognized him if I hadn’t seen his name in the credits!
    Wouldn’t it be messed up if they brought out T.J. Hooker for the next Trek film?

  10. Joshua S. Hill says:

    I’m not certain you make fun of Leonard Nimoy. I’m relatively certain there’s a clause in the Geekdom Charter that Leonard Nimor is off limits.

    Am I the only one who remembers this?

    • Metia says:

      At least you have an advocate, yeah? I mean, dude, that is sick with a ph.Plus, if you relaly get desperate, just commit some heinous crime, you have to look up in the broadcaster’s desktop reference which crimes are considered heinous’, and then write about it in your blog.

  11. Sithinious says:

    Surely that was mostly makeup? I want to believe my Star Trek heroes don’t age (getting fat is another story). 😛

  12. Tolwyn says:

    I was extremely luck during this whole “Star Trek” movie thing.

    I haven’t had TV in about 6 years.
    I have seen one trailer for the new movie (probably from here).

    I… had NO IDEA Leonard Nimoy was in the film. Even my wife knew. I didn’t.

    I have to say, without a doubt, trailers, spoilers, etc. not only ruin movies, but will bias your perspective so much that it will make you NOT BE ABLE to enjoy a movie.

    I loved the new Star Trek… because I had NO IDEA what the premise was. NONE. I had no idea about any of it.

    Thank GOD I do not have TV and avoided all trailers. 10/10.

    (Even though if I had 25 years waiting around for “you know who”, I’d probably GO to my home world and simply just WARN them that, uh, certain cataclysmic things might be happening in 25 years).

  13. mercator says:

    In Search of…

    Should be on Hulu!!!

  14. Rico says:

    I always wonder if people ever consider themselves old? At what age does that happen – if ever? Anyway, I hope I’m going as strong as Leonard or Bill when I hit their age.

  15. BlueNight says:

    Ironically, this can’t even be a fork from the original continuity. Too many other things are different. (Look up Captain Robert April, for example.) My guess is, this Old Spock isn’t Old Spock from TNG; this one is from a timeline different from the movie only by the addition of Nero.

    However, the seeds of the future lie buried in the past. There was so much meddling in TOS (Guardian of Time, Gary 7, the air force pilot, “Vere can ve find ze nuclear wessels?”), TNG (Mark Twain, field trip to the beginning of life, the Borg versus Cochrane), DS9 (Roswell, the wormhole aliens), Voyager (that hard drive they erased), and Enterprise (a whole freakin’ time war), there must be a host of timeline families caused by the original timeline.

    No wonder the Department of Temporal Investigations doesn’t like jokes.

  16. snarfleblat says:

    Spoiler? /cry

    • Tina says:

      I’m with Batcabbage and my investment in these crtcahaers is growing week to week. Especially after these last 2 episodes.Believe the widely held assumption that what is happening is irrelevant will be demonstrated to be incorrect. These are the crtcahaers of the past 3 seasons but altered because of Peter’s absence.Also believe Peter’s belief that he is not home is incorrect. The trick for the showrunners will be how they merge the experiences of the previous 3 seasons with this timeline. I suspect Dr Jone’s reappearance, September’s warning to Olivia, and the cortexiphan injections will all coalesce to create that merging.Love the risk taking the show runners are tackling this summer.

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