Today’s Comic: “Meanwhile, at Lucasfilm LTD…”

May 23, 2008
Today’s Comic: “Meanwhile, at Lucasfilm LTD…”

About this comic

Sorry about the lateness of the comic today. Was out late last night seeing Indy 4. You MIGHT be able to guess my overall sense of the movie from the comic, but I will leave the interpretation up to you. Enjoy!

UPDATE: A bunch of you have asked that I detail my review of the movie. Knowing full well that I will surely cover a lot of this on ELR this week, and other places, I figure I can put a bit of it here for review purposes.

**WARNING: May contain things that SOME might see as spoilers, though its mostly just common knowledge about the movie. Read at your own risk.

Indiana Jones has always been about ancient relics, human mysticism, and tomb raiding. It was never about X-files level alien lore and magnetic heads. It just felt entirely out of place in the Jones universe. So follow the breadcrumbs with me here: The Ark. Shakara Stones, Holy Grail,….Magnetic Alien skull. Dumb.

Indiana being a dad to Laboooof with Marian, no problem. Predictable, but reasonable. I’ll get back to those people in a sec.

Arguably the best part of the previous installments where the incredibly fun and amazing action scenes and associated stunt work. The bits that made Indy more than a curious archeologist…it made him a bit of a super hero. A super hero grounded by gravity and natural law…which I think is an important distinction to make at this point in my review.

Indy 4 had those moments. The fire ants were awesome, crawling around caves and stuff is always fun, car chases are good too. But you know what? Those are the only good ones I can think of in this film.

Indy 1 had tombs full of traps, giant rolling boulders, spikes that can kill you if you trigger them, constant gun and fist play with Nazis, machine guns, the ultimate truck chases, fighting with Arabs, huge German dude getting hacked by a plane, tons of snakes, blow darts, rocket launchers, melting faces, and tons of whip action!

The second film had mine carts, fire pits, heart removal, glowing stones, mind controlling blood, jumping out of planes, poison, gross food, man eating alligators, spike walls, slave revolts, rock grinders, and tons of whip action!

Third movie? Well, you get the point. It just seemed like this new one had hardly any of that stuff. What we got instead were set pieces that were borderline shark jumpers. I’ll give you an example. Indy hides inside a led lined fridge to survive a nuclear blast in Nevada. Everything is vaporized, and his fridge is tossed 25 miles up the road, crashing end over end in a horribly violent manner. Indy gets out and walks away. The other movies do not support this kind of thing at all. Indy can take a beating, but that was ridiculous.

A few more scenes that, again, for me anyway, take the series out of its regular universe of story telling. The Tarzan crap in the jungle with the monkeys. Sword fighting on top of speeding trucks. (Everyone remember the light saber fight on the floating rocks near the end of Starwars Ep 3? Dumb, lame looking, and moment killing…the car sword fighting is just like that. Thanks, George.) Pulling indy out of quick sand with a big rubber snake. The big alien ship. Multiple CGI gopher jokes. Multiple cheap crotch smacking jokes.

The use of the whip TWICE in the whole movie, equaled only by bad gopher jokes. Once you’ve seen in the trailer already, and once to save someone. Lame. It just felt like the conventions of the previous films, which we have all grown to love, were missing here.

Harrison Ford showed none of the intensity he brought to Indy in past films. He looked like he was simply phoning it in. Slow and boring. Karen Allen is even WORSE this time around with her acting. She was passable in Raiders, but horrible here. She also looked crazy and weird. Fan service at its worst. And why no Sallah?

Now for the big shocker…I thought Laboof was the best actor in the film. Was surprised by this. John Hurt is great as always, but he was mostly relegated to being nutty till the very end, so nothing in the role that was amazing. He is just always good no matter what. And I never have anything bad to say about Cate Blanchett. She eats up every role she gets and the audience is better for it.

I know not everyone will agree with me. And for the record, I don’t HATE the movie. But it is in a firm 4th place amongst the Indy films. 5/10 from me.

103 Responses to Today’s Comic: “Meanwhile, at Lucasfilm LTD…”

  1. Ryan says:

    I just saw it and thought it was good. The other ones were cheesy too, but that’s what made them good.

  2. Werner says:

    It has become quite a fashion to bash on “event movies”. Lame! Boring! Predictable!

    I rather have a “bad” Indy than no Indy at all. Same with Star Wars + Trek, Matrix, Pirates etc…etc….

    And this Indy was not bad at all.

  3. mr mr says:

    now THAT is unfortunate.

  4. Bernardo says:

    I really could not have put it better myself. All the Indiana Jones follow a certain theme of religion and myths, and then this one jumps at you with frickin aliens…
    Lame, predictable story that just fits into the hollywood genre.

    Sad end for a great character…

    Oh yeah, the Tarzan scene was lame.

  5. Atalanta says:

    Gotta say, pretty disappointed with all the negative stuff. I mean, since WHEN has any Indy movie been believable? Eternal life? No way. Heart-burning crazy cult dudes? Seriously. Freaking soul guys that electrify your guts? Come on. But they were incredible all the same.
    All I have to say is why NOT? Why NOT Aztecs or aliens or flying saucers? I agree, the monkey thing took it a little too far, but all the Indy’s were chintzy in the same way. Crazy, unbelievable stunts, kooky storylines, and over-the-top sidekicks. That’s what made us love them – they hardly EVER took themselves seriously. (Not to say there wasn’t a couple very well done, mature bits about the Cold War that everybody’s overlooking.) I think everyone’s taking this like it’s the end of the world that there wasn’t another Ark story or another tank to blow up. This is a new Indy in a new era – the fun is still there, the witty one-liners, and everybody’s favourite fedora…
    What more do you WANT?! I quite enjoyed Indy IV, and I will never tell anybody different. I’m sorry that everyone else is too high on their Crash-Departed-English Patient thrones to notice this great film.
    – Atalanta

  6. HECTORtheTURTLE says:

    The film had issues. Sure. The third act was tough to swallow. Felt like the pacing was built around a few set pieces instead of Raiders-style relentless action. Case in point: I need LOTS more whip action! It’s not a last resort, whiz-bang special moment, it’s not a prop, the whip is a tool in Indy’s adventures.
    All that being said, though, I felt like I was ten years old and I had a BLAST. I loved it.
    John Williams knocked this one out of the park. Too bad there weren’t more action-oriented opportunities for his unforgettable fanfare to be center stage in the mix. I felt like I had to wait for the credits to roll to really hear the Indy theme in all its glory.

  7. Chris says:

    Ironman = Awesome
    Narina 2 = Excellent

    Indiana Jones 4 = I’ve never been so underwhelmed in my life. Why George, why?

  8. agentdude says:

    Indy 4 was great! Indy 4 was like Indy and sci-fi mixed together. My two favorite things mashed into one epic movie. It did need more whip action though. and the tarzan part was a bit over the top. But overall it was pure awesome and it totally beat the second movie except for the fact that shorty wasn’t his sidekick.

  9. Sam Sam the Fireman says:

    Too predictable and not enough whip.

    Kung Fu Panda looks like its gonna be good.

  10. MoonWalker says:

    I don’t understand people who are apologetic about this movie. Sure I can understand that they liked it, but I don’t understand why they try to disregard its obvious flaws.

    Probably the worst argument here is: “since WHEN has any Indy movie been believable?”

    Well, if we assumed the existence of the supernatural then the Indy universe was believable. Just like Star Wars universe is to some extent believable if we assume the existence of the force. Similar thing with all SF/fantasy/horror movies out there.

    But still, we don’t expect divine interventions and religious artifacts in Star Wars. We don’t expect freaking ninjas attacking Shire, we don’t expect aliens invading Hogwart, etc.

    Some things were REALLY out of place in the new Indy movie.

  11. Tim says:

    Harry Knowles from aintitcool wrote this, and personally I think it’s beautiful:

    “I’ll tell you what the negative reviews are. They’re people that watch movies with notepads – making notes during movies about their fave moments and the points that they disengaged… besides the points where they’re writing notes and not actually WITH the movie. I can’t really speak for everyone – but there’s people that will see a sequence like the Shia/Monkey sequence…. or the Prairie Dogs…. or even the Ants… and they’ll disengage – say that’s not realistic, that’s just plain silly – and then they’ll listen to the dialogue and think… that’s corny, people don’t talk like that – and while they’re looking and disengaging from all those moments – they’re missing the entire fucking point. INDIANA JONES isn’t real – he’s a concoction – he’s a creation of cinema magic. He says the perfect thing, does the perfect thing – gets banged up, knocked around but at the end of it all…. He’s the most amazing man the world never gave birth to. He could survive an atomic blast through ingenuity. He knew EVERYONE in the history in which he lived. And he’s like a bad penny, he’ll always turn up. It’s about a dream of an adventurer, not the reality. The fx and sets are never quite real – because none of it is real. It’s a fanciful painting of our dreams – after being drunk on the movies of the 30’s, 40’s & 50’s… but doing that now… with all the fun and joy of the toys we have today. It’s about Harryhausen and Demille… about Hawks and Ford… it’s about every genre and the very celebration of movie making, watching and fandom. It’s about being taken away – and there’s some people that just refuse to get on board. They can’t shake the cynicism of their own self-importance – and they go home… disappointed – because ultimately they’ve no room for being a kid anymore… even briefly.”

  12. Chris says:

    This thought entered my mind during the movie. “I sure hope the new Mummy series movies is going to be good.”

    This movie should have been able to suck me in and captivate me. This movie failed in that area. I shouldn’t have been checking my watch. I shouldn’t have been thinking about how much better other movies I’ve seen this month are. Believable isn’t the problem I had the with movie. This movies is a part of an EPIC series. It should have been made to a much higher bar.

  13. MoonWalker says:

    “I’ll tell you what the negative reviews are. They’re people that watch movies with notepads… because ultimately they’ve no room for being a kid anymore.”

    Bunch of judgmental crap. I doubt Scott is a guy like that. I know I’m not. I know some people who didn’t like new Indy, and they also do not fit this description.

    “I can’t really speak for everyone” – yeah, but that’s what you are doing anyway. Talking about self-importance. Meh.

  14. Bex says:

    Umm.. Those ants really can climb like that, just so you know. It’s really amazing what they can do. 🙂

    That being said, I did like the movie. The “Tarzan” part was pretty stupid but I enjoyed it.

  15. Tim says:

    Scott has every right to his own opinion, I was simply sharing a little written material I found very inspiring, not trying to tell everyone else how they are “wrong”.

  16. Tim says:

    Also (sorry to make another post so soon) but I know Scott can be a kid and enjoy movies like these (Iron Man for example) I just wanted to throw Harry Knowles thoughts into the ether, as I really liked them.

  17. MoonWalker says:

    Man, when I look at my response now, I see that it came out a little harsh. Sorry for that. It’s just that the opinion of Harry Knowles pissed me off a bit. I know nothing about the guy, but he sounds a little like an ass here, judging those who have different opinion than himself: “So you didn’t like Indy 4? It means you lost all joy there is in life. You don’t know where the real fun is”.

    One could say something like that in defense of every movie that aspired to be fun. Let’s see… So you didn’t like “Evolution” with David Duchovny? It probably means that you’ve no room for being a kid anymore. You didn’t like “Son of the Mask”? You must one of the guys that watch movies with notepads…

    If something in the movie is dumb we can criticize it, and it doesn’t mean that we are unable to enjoy movies. We are geeks for Ted’s sake. We are adults only outside. Most of us REALLY like the original Indy trilogy. We like adventure, we like sci-fi, we like mystery, we like fantasy, we like comic book movies, etc. We like flicks like that.

    … but we like them even more if they aren’t poorly written 😉

  18. NeuroMan42 says:

    I am seeing it tonight, but overall the more I read and see on the web it sounds bad. Lucas is simply crapping on all the films he made great.

  19. Gizmo says:

    I have to agree w/ everything scott wrote to be honest.

    I went and saw the movie last night and at the end I walked out of the theater, had my cigarette, and waited about 10 minutes until it kicked in… at no point did it really feel like an indy movie. Sure he can do unbelievable things, sure he is the best guy ever born in history… but this was just over the top. Psikick (for all the good it was :P) powers, magnetic skulls… These are things that had they been played down a notch would’ve made good gimicks.

    But I think what really bugged me, from the first character shots the whole movie felt fake. Something about it felt like everything was being drawn rather then filmed. It might sound silly, but I wonder if they touched up too much of the film w/ cg.


  20. RealUnimportant says:

    Gotta disagree about Cate Blanchett here, Scott. She was more than wasted in this film, and she couldn’t even settle on a single accent so she was even less believable – I’m sorry, she wears a sword why exactly? For that one stupid stunt chase scene, nothing else.

    Went as part of a group of 6 friends, we got more enjoyment from ripping it to pieces afterwards than watching it. Personally, I found it tolerable by imagining I was playing Tomb Raider rather than watching a movie; it was obvious which sequences were inspired by potential future marketing – cuddly Indiana Jones™ brand Prairie Dogs anyone? They were the Ewoks of the Indy universe.

    George Lucas has had some fantastic ideas in the past. He needs to let them live as they are, and stop revisiting and revising, ’cause it turns out that his “original vision” is crap-tinted, and if he’d actually delivered his most seminal works in the style he’s started to employ this millenium, we’d never have heard of him.

    Anyway, we friends decided to have a bet on what’s next: I say Howard the Duck Part 2.

  21. Robert says:

    Here’s my review. Scott’s bang on the money.


    I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull today. It was a travesty. Here is a list of reasons.

    * Warning: SPOILERS *

    1. I knew it was going to be a bit rubbish from the very first frame, which was a CGI groundhog.

    2. All of the other Indiana Jones films start with a short story about Indy collecting some artefact. They bear tangential relation to the main story, at most, usually to introduce a character who will be important later. This time, the opening story reveals that Indy is a spy, involves a Russian invasion of the US, and has Indy blown up in an atomic test. That’s not how the Indiana Jones formula works.

    3. Yes, Indy was blown up in an atomic test, stops to admire the mushroom cloud, then walks away. And more CGI groundhogs.

    4. We find out that Indiana Jones has been involved in some kind of alien autopsy in the past, and that the Russians want the alien corpses. Yes, that’s right: aliens.

    5. The university scenes were actually pretty good, especially the chase. No complaints. In fact I was beginning to get over the groundhogs and the atomic test. But not quite over the aliens.

    6. Shia LaBeouf is not a convincing greaser. He is more “Grease” than “The Outsiders” — and when one of the scenes is basically a fight between the Greasers and the Socs, it just isn’t right to have it kicked off by Danny Zucko.

    7. Why did we have to have another CGI speeder-bike-style chase scene? Nick at described it as “Shia doing the splits over two vehicles while fencing and getting whacked in the balls by underbrush”. That’s about it. And not very good CGI, either.

    8. Shia LaBeouf tarzanning his way through the jungle with a pack of CGI monkeys? Blech.

    9. The ants were cool, but using the crystal skull to ward them off was not. In the other Indiana Jones films, the relics are basically McGuffins; their powers are pretty much irrelevant to the unfolding of the plot and it’s only at the last minute that we see their power, just before the movie ends. This time, they wave the skulls around from pretty much the beginning.

    10. CGI ruined the traps that Indy and the gang have to avoid when they get to El Dorado. It looks fake, fake, fake.

    11. There’s no way they could have survived those waterfalls. None whatsoever. Sure, Indy has taken some big falls in the past, but while it was possible to suspend disbelief about the rubber raft going down the mountain, there’s no way four people in a steel dinghy can go off three massive waterfalls, land in knee-deep water, and walk away.

    12. Aliens. Seriously, aliens. Aliens that look like ET’s daddy. Not space-aliens, either. *Interdimensional* aliens. And a freaking flying saucer. A flying saucer!

    13. And then Shia LaBeouf nearly gets to put on Indy’s hat. That would have been lamer than when Joey Jeremiah passed on his hat in Degrassi: The Next Generation.

    I’m going to pretend this movie never existed.

  22. Jared says:

    Sorry guys, I loved it. Wasn’t super happy about the tarzan sequence, and cgi animal jokes tick me off, but other than that… I had a great time!

  23. Seraph says:

    From the little I’ve read of people’s complaints (can’t be expected to dig through all that now, can I?), I find a common link that basically legitimates everything people have against this movie.

    What people are forgetting is that Lucas (and later Kaufmann) came up with the Indy character and story because they were infatuated with the old theater serials of their childhoods; high adventure stuff like Doc Savage. With this sort of thing in mind, everything that happened in the movie, no matter how unbelievable, completely fits within the rules of the “high adventure” universe that the Indy series is an homage to. Think about it, the 1940s and 50s were all about Space Men and crazy magnetism (to be distinguished from actual magnetism) and Russians and nukes and so forth. It didn’t have to make any sort of sense because this was primarily for kids, who are really only interested in the badass factor than any sort of realism.

    In the end, when I correctly framed this movie as what it was intended to be (primarily closure for the fans, which I think they pulled off well by bringing Marian back in), it was a good movie. Then again, I’ve taken several courses on Film by now, so I automatically frame things in their right context. The general theater-going audience probably doesn’t.

    In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d probably place it at third spot for the series, behind Last Crusade and Raiders. In the end, it’s not really an Indy movie unless it has Nazis and their silly, over-the-top war machines (that would later inspire most of the medal of honor series).

  24. poginam says:

    i was enjoying it till the end , the end totally runied it for me =[

  25. Seraph says:

    @ Tim

    I’m going to have to agree with what Knowles wrote. I don’t think he phrases it as “Don’t share my opinion? Well you’re wrong and here’s why”. I think what he means to say is that we have an emotional attachment to long-lasting series like Indy Jones, but while the first couple of movies don’t change, we certainly do, as do our expectations. Our tastes in movies and the degree as to how well they are written and constructed certainly matures over time, but that doesn’t mean the latest iteration of the film series has to. I think that’s what Knowles means when he calls people self-important, assuming that creators will cater everything to their new tastes instead of rolling with the framework they’d already established in the beginning.

    I am not supporting the notion that Lucas should be involved in any more movies, however….

  26. Stephen Eberle says:

    Heck, more you think about this fim… more I feel like I must of been looking into that damn alien skull too long. At least the other three movies had a chain of events and action that at least had logic in the Jone’s universe.

  27. Chuck says:

    Wow, lots of comments, no surprise considering the topic. I’ll read them after I leave mine.
    You know, we appreciate the review, well at least I do. You went into the theater as a fan of Indy and the trilogy, as will most of us.
    For me, Indiana Jones is up there with Star Wars and a few others that defined my childhood. We expect the same level of story/action/thrill that we had with the other three. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but have a babysitter already lined up for a few weeks so we can go see it. My expectations were high, and rightfully so… I already knew that George could make an amazing film and experience. I have a feeling that I’ll like it, but most likely it won’t be thrilling… and that’s very disappointing.
    Thanks, Scott, for giving us your fan’s opinion on it. Your disappointment is obvious.

  28. Warren says:


    Nice way to take the opinion of everyone on here and make it sound like they are a bunch o uneducated children.

    You have taken film courses so you know better then us, the unwashed masses? Sheez man, get a grip. Just because someone may not know the thoughts of the director/writer/whatever, doesn’t make his dislike of a movie any less valid.

    And yes, if you are making an arguement based on the opinions of others you are expected to wade through it all. Otherwise you don’t really know what everyone thins.

    Just saying man, you came across as pretentious. Maybe you didn’t mean it that way, but it really was a “I know better then you all because I have an education and you don’t” type comment.

    I know your just trying to prove your opinions are legitimate, but in the end that is all they are – opinions.

    Just like everyone else on here, liking the movie or no.

  29. TeragX says:

    Yeah i havent seen the movie yet and i didnt know there was any aliens…that wasnt really said in the trailer. I love the comic but thats flat out spoilers, especially to post the day the movie came out.

  30. HECTORtheTURTLE says:

    @ TeragX
    I totally agree. I know it wasn’t intentional, but I had no idea there were aliens in the movie until I logged on to the site. :-/ I’m not bent out of shape, but I do wish I hadn’t seen the comic until after I saw the flick. Scott does so much for the community & fandom, I’d never say anything to try to make him feel bad about it. I just think this slipped through the cracks.

  31. Seraph says:

    @ Warren,

    Knowing a little something about how film’s are interpreted and intended to be portrayed is generally a helpful tool, at least in my experience. It’s also the first thing we all learn in English class in high school: you have to consider any sort of medium, be it film, literature or video games, within the context that they were made.

    I didn’t intend to come off as pretentious, and I’m well aware that all I can offer is an opinion. But I stand by my previous statement that an opinion backed up by passing familiarity with film studies is more legitimated than the mewling of disappointed fans expressed in as few words.

    Also, I can do whatever I want with someone else’s opinion, to include criticizing it. That’s called an argument.

    Mostly, I just hate it when folks like you make the “just because you have an education doesn’t mean you know better than me” argument. I see that all the time, and it’s generally a factor of an obstructive bureaucracy in the first place. I work hard to get ahead in life, and I won’t have that hard work invalidated because of accusations of superiority.

  32. bizrey says:

    I got the feeling that the phrase “Oooh! Do you know what would be funny/cool …” was uttered a lot during the writing of the script. And since no idea is bad they just shoehorned them any which way.

    That said, it was better than I feared it was going to be but not as good as I had hoped. The previews for Journey to the Center of the Earth look promising though…kinda 😀

  33. Shaymus22 says:

    Yeah I thought that was pretty stupid…predictable, unbelievable, shallow, cliche, and mundane. The movies that came before it were groundbreaking, exciting, immersive, shocking, and fun.

    Wait, we’re talking about Indiana Jones? I thought we were talking about the new Star Wars “films” versus the old Star Wars movies…my bad.

    “Thanks, George.” –Scott Johnson

  34. Tim says:

    Okay, I know I’m getting nit-picky here (and I’m almost ashamed of myself) but Indy actually used his whip at least three times.

    He swung from the banisters in the compound, whipped a rifle out of a commies hand, and used it to attempt to pull Mac to safety.

    And he didn’t really use it all that much in the other movies either…

    Sorry, just nit-picking.

  35. ThE IcE CrEaM MaN says:

    Preach on Scott, Indy 4 was like episode 1 all over again. Lucas has gone mad with CGI power.

  36. drinkh2so4 says:

    At Randydeluxe

    No I do not believe in any of the myth that survives the crystal skulls. I was merely relaying the fact that this is an OLD myth that was already around way before a drunken writing group could have came up with it. Also, I know nothing about crystal, but the scientist say that the main skull is to perfect to have even been made by our technology today….

    I say its here so it obviously is possible and just because the mayans claimed that their gods brought them the skull from the heavens doesnt mean it was little green men with elongated craniums from outer space

  37. Samus007 says:

    I totally agree 100% with your review there Scott. I hope you talk about this movie in detail in your upcoming ELR show.

    As a HUGE Indiana Jones fan growing up with the previous films, this one was a disappointment. 5/10 for me.

  38. Jeff S. says:

    I liked SpeedRacer more than CrystalSkull. I think it’s because I got exactly what I was expecting with SpeedRacer and I saw it with Joshy who’s three. That movie had me smiling where Indy mostly had me groaning. (seriously.. a nuke at point blank?) Now, if you’re going to see one movie this weekend, see Ironman. If you’ve already seen it twice, then may I recommend Narnia or SpeedRacer to keep you from being disappointed. I thought Spielberg had lost his mind when I saw AI. Now I know he has. It’s that damned ET fetish… it’s ruined him.

    ps…. SpeedRacer is all about eye-candy… sit back, imagine you’re still 8 years old watching saturday morning cartoons in yer jammies with a big bowl of Spazzo Yum-Yums and just take it all in.

  39. Warren says:

    heh well I think you just proved my point 😉

  40. Davad says:

    I don’t know why everyone is upset at the aliens being part of the story. Area 51 and Roswell are a part of American Mythos. The theory of alien influence on Mayan culture and their pyramids is an old one as well. All of it fits.

    I did flash back to Mummy 2 at the end, and wish they had done something else…until the flying saucer took off, and then I thought of X-Files.

    Overall, I enjoyed the movie.

    ps….Karen Allen….not ugly…not by a looong shot, and it was kind of rude to put it that way.

  41. Bonnie says:

    I saw this stupid movie today; there’s a few hours of my life that I’ll never get back. But what I’m actually surprised about is that I really hoped it would be good…as if previous experience with Lucas & Spielberg messing with their old movies wasn’t proof enough that Indy 4 would be awful. But of course, like a sucker, I was really excited, went to see it, & absolutely wasted my money. What a shame; there was real potential there & it could’ve been a lot of fun. At least the popcorn didn’t suck.

    • FabioOlaa says:

      in expose9! lol, especially cmiong from Ri. I’ll bet you 50 bucks he hardly gets paid shit, this is for him to remain relevant more than anything else. As we all know, brands are more about who rides for them then the quality of their product itself. Second dumbest comment ever said on expose9! lol, especially cmiong from Ri. (Even if technically true, you just don’t say that shit out loud)The Skateboard industry is a big pile of sell out shit (note: i wrote industry, not skateboarding), so WTF is the big surprise fools? When super sized skate shops in factory outlets can still front being core, and niggas can be dressed head to toe in Monster logos without getting punched in the head, then all games are off. Ri shut the fuck up and go buy a Margo Walker board at Empire if you want to feel mentally raped by the industry, leave the poor Hawkster alone, he’s only getting props cuz his kid is so fucking rad and he’s riding Riley’s coat tails.Plus doesn’t tracker make longboard trucks now and is owned by Woodchuck?

  42. Datuk Jenggala says:

    For some unknown reason that movie reminds me of Metal Slug 3.
    Good decent fun film, definitely not a classic but I like the waterfall part very much.

  43. MXC says:

    I have to side with Rico on this one, Scott – I loved it. It blended in with the rest of the movies, it didn’t have too much comedic relief, none of the stunts were OVERLY exaggerated(Even the nuke scene felt believable, and the scenes with the alien weren’t too rediculous).

    I have to give it an 8 out of 10.

  44. Mark says:

    At least when I walked out of Episode One, I wasn’t angry. I wish I could say that about this film.

  45. Mar says:

    Just noticed this comic after I posted mine. Great minds think alike? Where did you get that cool brain-scanning gizmo to extract my exact thoughts on the film? Your review mirrors my thoughts exactly. 🙂

    This is how I create a solution to this corny film: A lost deleted scene!

    At the end of Last Crusade, after the credits, there is a flash-forward of a thin woman with glasses giving a tour of what seems to be a museum. She directs the crowd to the Henry Jones wing of the museum. Delight and wonder is seen in the faces of the young and old as she describes the wonderful artifacts donated by Indiana Jones and his father.

    There is a cool display of a mannequin with the fedora, bag and whip. Towards the rear, there is a black and white photo of Indy and his dad smiling. The camera slowly moves in on the photo while the tour guide mentions that although Indy and his dad have passed away, their legacy will live on. Closeup on the picture. Fade to black.

  46. Mike V says:

    funny comic BUT……

    it took place in the 50s. It makes perfect sense that there were soviets AND aliens in the movie. its a far stretch from the other films but making it take place decades later to go with Ford’s age puts it in the 50 which were all about Sputnik and Roswell.

    also, that chic was rather unattractive in the movie. i even said that to my gf last week when watching it. but given their characters histories and all she made the most sense out of all. and she aged very well. actually she’s better looking NOW!

  47. Kazziuz says:

    Just saw the movie. I’m very sad to say this is the weakest of the series, not because there where aliens in it. It just wasn’t the rollercoaster ride that we experienced in the previous ones. And yes, the entire fridge fallout shelter bit was insulting. Even so, it’s not a bad movie, it has some great moments, and best of all, it has Indiana Freaking Jones in it! I think Harrison Ford still works as Indy.

  48. Jarajara says:

    I really enjoyed the movie. Was it as good as the orginal 3? No not at all. I can still sit and watch the orginal 3 with the same interest I did as a kid watching them. Going man that was cool. This movie, I really don’t care if I ever see it again. TNT and SciFi have been playing the crap out of the oringals and I always end up watching a half an hour/hour of them everytime I flip through the channels.

    The alien story line didn’t bother me at all. The Crystal Skulls is an actual relic. I was kind of wondering. If the magnetic power was so strong that if you threw up metal into the air they would zoom straight to it. Man you couldn’t move that thing anyhwhere. It would stick right to the side of the car and be done.

  49. Silvadream says:

    indy 4 was good although i didnt like the cgi gophers why did they use cgi?

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