Today’s Comic: “Bill Gates, one month later…”

August 11, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “Bill Gates, one month later…”

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Just can’t get the image out of my head of poor retired Bill, starring at his own version of Windows, longing for the old days. Snif. The comic.

UPDATE: Seems a few of you have noticed that the perspective look goofy on this thing. The top and bottom of the window frame are 100% parallel with each other, but the effect of the top comic border line makes it look wrong…and what I really should do is apply real perspective to the top of the window anyway, by raising the top a bit. Will fix it tonight. Can’t say the EL readership never notices things. (UPDATE: Fixed.)

32 Responses to Today’s Comic: “Bill Gates, one month later…”

  1. Cantonkid says:

    Probably more stable than Vista 😉

  2. JDW says:

    This is beautiful.


  3. Bearbutt says:

    He should start his own company and invent a Windows killer operating system.

  4. Rezlow says:

    He should go work for Sony on PS4 stuff… Never mind, I don’t think I want that actually.

  5. Tyler says:

    lmao this comic is so true!

  6. Wolfshade says:

    I think that’s me when WoW is offline

  7. Gnurd says:

    It’s funny, but I gotta say the perspective is making my eyes confused.

  8. Lifeisaglitch says:

    Gnurd has a point O.O

  9. NSMike says:

    Seconded on the perspective. I think the top of the window is slanted the wrong way.

  10. Gnurd says:

    It’s the top edge of the window that’s slanted wrong. It should be either level, or pointing up a little. The vanishing point should be in the corner, not off to the right.

  11. mattyuk says:

    love the idea and the joke, but the perspective is drawn terribly! sorry scott.

  12. Scott says:

    Nope….its an illusion. If you match up the top and bottom of the window frame, they are 100% parallel. The top comic frame is throwing your eye off, just like its throwing my eye off.

  13. Flatlander says:

    Optical Illusions are cool.

  14. Dol says:

    We notice because we care!

    Loved this week’s ELR by the by

  15. mercator says:

    One of your best.

    Subtle yet deep. Him staring out the window looking forlorn and forgotten, the windows illusion, the empty room, etc.

    I like this one ALOT.


  16. Telythugy says:

    This comic looks like me at work pretty much everyday.

    • Liz says:

      I have been struggling to sleep tonihgt… and the silver lining in my sleepless night as been visiting blog friends I have not visited in a while… I have enjoyed catching on your beautiful work…good luck with the new camera… keep well my friendTom

  17. Michael says:

    yeah, nice update, but not only should u add real perspective, but u should raise the window higher, no window is placed that low on the wall

  18. NSMike says:

    Shouldn’t the top line of the window be parallel with the top line of the wall where it intersects with the ceiling, and the bottom line of the window be parallel with the bottom line of the wall where it intersects with the floor?

  19. Dread says:

    Bill should go work for FSF.


  20. Wungy says:

    Actually, I like that the perspective is off, kind of like the instability of Windows Vista and uselessness of half of what it does.

  21. meekar says:

    using paths now, eh? they sure come in handy

    I often like your more reserved comics like this one. Lot of personality comes through in these.

  22. Scott says:

    fixed the image…a refresh might be in order.

  23. idogis1 says:


  24. Traitorfish says:

    The perspective is still a bit off- the lower horizontal of the window is diverging, rather than converging, with the floor/wall line. All three lines should be heading towards a single vanishing point.
    Not that you need yet MORE complaints, but I’m an architecture student, which means I spent 90% of my time being nagged to get this stuff right, so why not spend the remaining 10% nagging everyone else? 😉

  25. Ward says:

    Why is he wearing Doug Funnie’s clothing?

  26. Bearbutt says:

    Hey, I liked it the old way! Why you, this means WAR!!


  27. mattyuk says:

    Scott, thats bullshit you cant have an optical illusion in an cartoon lol.

  28. Jopiss says:

    I thought it was like an autism joke, like he thought it all up, and was just looking in a window the whole time…

  29. Blackwood says:

    Yeap, still looking wierd strange misfitting. FERT Scott.

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