Comic: “Cause-Play”

July 28, 2009
Comic:  “Cause-Play”

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Hey, maybe Jeff just really likes Princess Leia and he doesn’t need to justify his life to anyone. Comic.

4 Responses to Comic: “Cause-Play”

  1. Brian Duff says:

    I just wonder how many Slave-girl Leia’s showed up at the Comicon? I’m sure there were a few that probably should have gone with a Tauntaun outfit instead..

  2. corhen says:

    Simple, LOVE IT!

  3. Funspray says:

    Jeff the talking dog eh…Hmmmm…

  4. Dice_Girl says:

    That is a pretty nice cosplay costume. Maybe with a costume that nice, Jeff feels he doesn’t need a special place/excuse to wear it. ^_^

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