Comic: “Big Foot Diaries: Part Four”

February 24, 2010
Comic:  “Big Foot Diaries: Part Four”

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One more coming before I end this little offshoot, after this one that is. HUGE thanks to all the kind comments about this thing. Really glad that most of you are enjoying it.

Excited to show you what I have planned for the last one. Will post that either Friday or Monday.

EDIT: Just curious…are there some of you that would like to see this sort of thing on it’s own? Outside of ExtraLife? New stories, etc. I own but a little unsure. Would love to know your opinion.

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  1. Erik says:


  2. Steve says:

    πŸ™ Good series Scott

  3. Darrell says:

    Taking a detour into something different is totally needed for your creative process!

    I did that recently. Decided 3 was good. Back no normal for me next week. Well, as normal as normal gets.

    Enjoyed the journey very much! πŸ™‚

  4. darkanders says:

    Loving this series. πŸ˜€

  5. dblcross says:

    I think hes going to make a new friend out of sticks and foilage… i hope not cause that would ruin the suprise.

  6. minitotoro says:

    Excellent little story. I love the way bigfoot’s face is all fuzzy. I’m eager to see where it ends. πŸ™‚

  7. Argiflex says:

    I’m looking forward to the end! It’s not that I dont like these, I love them! I just want to see it resolved…
    That sounds kinda mean…
    But, anyways, I really like this short series, I’m finding myself wishing that you updated more often so I can see it faster, but I know that’s too much work.
    I look forward to seeing more things like this in the future!

  8. ArunU says:

    Really diggin’ the series Scott- his eyes are just heartbreaking!

  9. Beano3131 says:

    I’m playing way too much BioShock 2. I keep replacing Bigfoot with Big Daddy in my mind =D

  10. Crimson Fox says:

    Harry and the Hendersons

  11. Greg says:

    Awesome Series. I’d love to see this as a new comic series. If not, this would be a fun “mini-series” that could occur a couple times a year.

    Really awesome at a whole new and higher level.


    • PACrivellaro says:

      Hopefully Scott hasn’t been too upset by the few discouraging comments and will do just that: bring this character back in a few months as a nice little surprise.

      Or, of course, the next comic might not allow for such a thing. Never know where he’ll go with this.

  12. very good series kinda a pre-quel to harry and the hendersons

    • Shuuhei says:

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  13. Dustin says:

    its ok… its ok…

  14. Molly says:

    Ahhhh…poor monster! My heart goes out to him! I’ve been really enjoying these Scott! You have a tender heart!

  15. Love the onomatopoeia. Seriously. Probably the best I’ve seen in a while.

  16. Big Daddy says:

    And he didn’t even get any ADAM

  17. ZenemiG says:

    Dude, you’re making me cry with this arc, it’s amazing.

  18. DoggySpew says:

    I always hear the Big Foot in Scott’s voice. So now i imagine Scott as Big Foot.

  19. Flingus says:

    Would read this if you made it into a new series on

  20. digisam says:

    hmmmm, I do like your little tangents, but I think you should just do the odd miniseries on here. Good ideas do tend to fizzle out when you try to stretch them. I am still waiting for the climax for “grandpa and me” πŸ™‚

    • Jenishya says:

      The “Dogs Are Just Better” lobbyist group apvproes of this message and denies any involvement.Awesome, Allie, just awesome. You made my Mom think I’m a little nuts…

  21. Vital-FX says:

    Loving this arc Scott, I would kill to see some more of this stuff. I’m all for the thought. Again, great work.

  22. Mad-Bassist says:

    You are one of 18 sites I currently read every morning after work, most of which are webcomics, and you’re one of three I occasionally comment on. So far I like what you’ve done, and if you have the kind of energy to maintain a plot and update at least once a week, I would add that to my daily viewing bookmark folder.

    Keep up the good work, ya tear-jerking bastid!

  23. Stone Dog says:

    My first time replying here but I’ve followed your page for well over a year now…absolutely I’d love to see stories like this outside of Extra Life. I wouldn’t want you to let Extra Life go, though…too many good chuckles to let that happen. πŸ™‚

  24. Jens Balslev says:

    It would be great to see more stuff like this, as long as it doesn’t get too sentimental. It’s a fine line… πŸ™‚

  25. BobDobbs says:

    Scott.. if you make it… i will come… Everything you do doesn’t need to be funny.. just interesting.. and this is interesting πŸ™‚

  26. PACrivellaro says: sounds like a wonderful idea.

    The fact is, the response to this has proven two things:
    1) People really like this character and this style, and want more of it.
    2) A lot of people don’t think it quite fits with the geeky, perky site that this normally is.

    Doesn’t that inevitably lead to the conclusion that this should be expanded on, just not on this site? If you’ve got the time and will to do it, Scott, I think it’s the obvious choice. Go for this!

  27. WarlockJA says:

    I think this would be a good children’s book. It’s awesome as it is and i think if you tried to make it a book that would be more awesome. Plus you can pop a string of strips here and there when you feel like.

  28. Callum says:

    Hey Scott,

    Really loved this series, can’t wait for its conclusion!!

    I would be happy to have this character explored a little more………


  29. Tresk says:

    ooh!! evil parents πŸ™

  30. Megaolf says:

    Don’t get me wrong, this is a great series and it’s really heartbraking, but you shouldn’t overdo it and destroy the magic with making a whole series out of it.
    The dramatic would absolutely be gone.

  31. Benji Dude says:

    do it man! These little off shoot story things are great.

  32. ZenemiG says:

    If you ask me, I would pop a few of this in-between the regular strips and make a new category for them on the site, you you can see all of them. Turning this into a series of it’s own with a separate domain would be overkill.

    Keep at it, I really would love to get to know this character very very well.

  33. DoggySpew says:

    Oftopic: Scott, I don’t know if it is default, but the “Notify me when new comments are added” box is allways checked. That is pretty anoying if you forget to uncheck the box, and you get dozens of replies in you mailbox.
    Don’t know if you can fix that, or if it is a problem at my end.

  34. weslink says:

    Scott, if you made this it’s own thing I’d read it like crazy. I’ve really enjoyed this short and would love to see it come to something more. Go for it!

    • Moh says:

      Mail some to Italy next year and I’ll stick them in the lunch box! He’d love that. Knight has written one or two this year, and they’ve been big hits.

  35. Anecades says:

    Are you collaborating with John Lasseter now? You’re breaking my heart. I mean look at that thing’s pinky as he peers after the car…

  36. BryanDavidWilliams says:

    This is my suggestion. I would rather have a longer strip or larger chunks for this sort of drama comic. Drama is engaging and it’s hard to pick it up and drop it. Imagine if you separated a episode of lost into 5 min chunks and distributed it throughout the week. That and I miss your topical humor.

    Keep up the good work just my opinions. Art is mostly about a person expressing themselves.

  37. AlexC1981 says:

    I think this can go off on it’s own. I feel that this could be the next pixar film or even dreamworks. Definitely keep this goin, it has a lot of potential

  38. The_Julian says:

    I do think it would be cool to have this be its own separate deal from Extra Life. This good “serious” work here; Shows what range you have aside from the great random humor you already put out.

  39. Ian says:

    Who puts their kid in the trunk of their vehicle? O.O

  40. Anna Hurst says:

    Hey Scott!

    I really enjoyed this little segment. I’d LOVE to continue to read more from the Big Foot Diaries! Although you did make me cry with the first one and the last one… Oh, and the second one, but that was more tears of joy rather than sadness.

    Anyway… I still loved it! Please do more! I think it has a great future!

  41. Emma says:

    This is totally great! Love the story and the dark mood!

  42. Aenar says:


    I would *love* to see more like this. I really enjoy the break from the norm, and I think it’s something that, if you enjoy it, you’d find lots and lots of support for.


    • Carlos says:

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  43. Faitios says:

    I would love an off shoot from here! The more comics from you to read would be awesome!!!

  44. PaperEffigy says:

    I’d definitely love to see more stories like this. πŸ™‚

  45. Soldiermadness says:

    I think it would be really cool to see a Diary of a Cartoonist show of the last big-foot comic, if anything. It would be really cool if Scott could explain everything behind this comic including the deep emotional meaning behind it. Maybe a shot monologue as to what inspired it all and stuff, I think it would be awesome to hear and perhaps therapeutic for Scott.

    Just a thought.

  46. Petey says:

    Very nice comic. I’d read this on an ongoing basis.

  47. Valeria says:


    I would love to see this as a regular comic. I love this new character and would really like to see more.


  48. John Hall says:

    Yes, I would love to see more of this.

    • Rick Paul says:

      I would love to see you have an outlet for more serious work, maybe not all Bigfoot though.

  49. King says:

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