Comic: “Bad Parenting”

November 5, 2009
Comic: “Bad Parenting”

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Maybe he had a bad day at work? Who knows. Enjoy.

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  1. MHA says:

    Mmm, pork. That’s a fairy tale with a happy ending if you ask me!

  2. Jeremiah says:

    LOL. Somedays I feel exactly like this.

  3. Zac Erickson says:

    Haha. The look on the kid’s face is priceless.

  4. RAZIM says:

    Needs some BBQ sauce 😛

  5. Biff says:

    I have, at times, considered doing something like this.

  6. Mike slc says:

    Yes! LOL!

  7. super80e says:

    This is great, I love it! That kid is scarred for life.

  8. Zorbane says:

    holy crap that dad looks scary

  9. Ceiynt says:

    If your kid isn’t doing that when you put them in bed, you failed as a parent.

  10. Maks says:

    LOL I do this all the time with my son, and he LOVES it!

  11. Foggz says:

    Mary had a little lamb, but now her lamb is dead. So Mary takes her lamb to school between two hunks of bread!

  12. Darrell says:

    Love the comic, but I actually do this all the time. You know in Green Eggs and Ham where the train runs off the track and slams into the boat’s smokestack? I always leave the script and read the next couple pages as horrifyingly as possible. When I forget to do this, I am reminded “Read it your way, daddy!” Cracks me up. 🙂

  13. Mikey says:

    Great comic. For some reason, the part that made me laugh the hardest was the title. “Example 45,983” LOL!

  14. Erich says:

    Mwahahahaa! Great one! It makes me wonder what bedtime story-time is like for say, Stephen King or Brian Lumley’s kids.

  15. Devilbob says:

    I used to tell my niece that the bears ate Goldilocks when they got home. To this date my niece (now in her 20’s) has not wondered into a bear’s den and been eaten; I’m a good uncle.

  16. Joopeeh says:

    Awesome… need i say more?

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