Comic: “And it’s not even 2012 yet”

June 7, 2010
Comic:  “And it’s not even 2012 yet”

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I’m sure you heard the news. Betty White is carrying the flag now!

12 Responses to Comic: “And it’s not even 2012 yet”

  1. Dramble says:

    Why couldn’t he wait until they were all gone? seems like if he was this obsessed he would have killed himself after one died, or waited until they all did. Perhaps he was hypnotised or cursed to die when there was only one left? We will never know…
    Also, I’ve noticed a common theme in your comics is cliffs… just sayin’.

  2. I love cliffs. I won’t deny it.

  3. BryanDavidWilliams says:

    Viva Betty White!

  4. Kate says:

    First time checking Extralife out, heard it enough on podcast, though time to take a look … in the words of Arnie… I’ll be backkkkkk

  5. Chuck says:

    Don’t worry, don’t worry! There… is…… another.
    Another group is the collective “apprentice” here, and they are ready.
    I speak of the girls (“girls” used with much levity here) from Sex and the City.

  6. Mary Varn says:

    Oh dude. I actually didn’t realize there was just one left…I kinda relate to the jumper! (No not really, don’t worry…but it’s sad!)

    I’m glad to see Scott continue the legacy of cliffs since Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner aren’t around anymore to do so.

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