Comic: “A Flea Halloween Part 4”

October 30, 2009
Comic: “A Flea Halloween Part 4”

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And thus it ends. What was the point of that four part story? Nothing, and that makes me happy. I was beholden to none but my muse, and you must obey the muse. Enjoy.

24 Responses to Comic: “A Flea Halloween Part 4”

  1. Darrell says:

    Sure. Blame this all on Henry. 😉

  2. Moobie says:

    That’s Jeff not Henry.

    Obey Jeff? o.O

  3. Zac Erickson says:

    No no no. Respect Jeff! 🙂 Admire? Sigh…

  4. saphia says:

    I liked it. Might use the idea to have the fleas be heard by others. Jeff’s got voices coming out of him!

    • Licy says:

      Actually, you should do fine tomrorow…seriously, you have a ton of built in conversation topics…where you came from, why you moved, how many kids, how you had so many so “quickly”…it should all spill out easily. Now I can’t wait for the report on how this little event plays out! I hope you don’t have to bring a salad…that might be a bad first impression!

  5. Moobie says:

    I love the bat ears in the second panel. Nice touch! 😀

  6. Chuck says:

    I only obey Henry… and your muse. ok, not so much Henry.

  7. virgowall says:

    Jeff has some friends! Kind of like Edwardo on Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends?

  8. DB says:

    I thought the joke was that they reached the flea collar and they died. At least that would have sort of been funnier than.. nothing.

    • Triseult says:

      What a waste of time, even considering this is the Internet.

      I’ve been thinking of unsubscribing from the ExtraLife RSS feed for a while… The flea story is just another example of how pointless and unfunny it has become. Experience Points has firmly jumped the shark ever since every other joke is a duck joke.

      Keep up the good work on the EL podcast… I still love every second of it.

      EDIT BY SCOTT: Yikes…pretty harsh, even considering this is the internet. Sorry you feel that way. Couple things: I’m gonna draw what I want, when I want, so there’s that. Secondly, If anything, Experience Points has jumped the Duck, not the Shark.

      But please, in future, please come to sites you, in theory, no longer read, and take time to post a flame-worthy comment. it’s appreciated.

      • JT - SNT says:

        Not every comic has to have a punchline or cater to everyone’s personal taste. If a couple of aimless comics allows someone to stretch their brain a bit and quiet the raging muse in the mind, so be it. It helps clear the brain for future endeavors.

      • Zac Erickson says:

        Dear troll,
        Scott has done incredible things with his comic, and if you cannot grasp that there is more to comics than the funny last panel punch line then you are missing the point. I consider ExtraLife to be one of the deeper, more intellectual comics on the web. The fact that you don’t understand it is, in my mind, a testament to Scott’s greatness.

        One of my favorite things Scott ever did with his comic was a few months back when he did the time travelling video game arc. Gems like these are what keep me coming back. Most importantly, Scott is doing this comic the way that HE wants it done, and is being true to his own style. I say kudos to you, Scott. Keep up the awesome work. And to you troll, go back under your bridge and keep your comments to yourself.

      • Triseult says:

        Bleh. Not everyone who expresses a negative opinion is a troll.

        If that’s the comic that Scott wants to make, and he’s got the fans to sustain him doing it, then all the more power to him. Me, I miss the whimsical, more thought-out cartoons of earlier days, and which, incidentally, could make me laugh from time to time.

  9. Erich says:

    And thus the circle is complete.

  10. Asterix says:

    Fleas rock! 🙂

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