Comic: “A Flea Halloween: part 2”

October 22, 2009
Comic:  “A Flea Halloween: part 2”

About this comic

My little Flea Halloween storyline continues. Some have asked what the crap I am doing with this thing. Don’ really know. The idea of a couple of fleas celebrating Halloween appealed to me in some weird way. So I went with my gut, and I present it to you in the form of part 2.

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  1. D. Long says:

    The best ideas are the weird ones just for the hell of it. Good work on this one! It’s now my desktop wallpaper.

  2. BetaRayBill says:

    I’m just wondering why fleas?

  3. Zacko says:

    Ah the saga continues. Love it!

  4. Moobie says:

    Loving this! 😀

  5. Patrick Walker says:

    Scott, fleas don’t have wings. I know it’s a slight nitpick, but they are more like flies than fleas the way you drew them.
    Otherwise though, I’m liking the concept so far.

  6. Biff says:

    I sense an epic tale about to unfold.

  7. digisam says:

    it’s “grandpa and me” all over again

  8. Tofudisan says:

    Okay…. I know it’s a comic….. I know about suspension of disbelief….. but….

    Tiny fleas come out of a crack in the wall and I’m guessing grow incredibly huge (for fleas) on their way “up”? To the point where Halloween costumes would fit them?

    I’m hoping that gets explained in the arc.

    • krizhek says:

      Who says there human costumes?

      • Guilherme says:

        Duckie and ladders hit the nail on the head its the flea EGGS that are the perolbm. Fleas are an arachnid (like a spider or a dust mite) and they hatch from eggs. The eggs can hatch up to a year after they are laid, so you can spray your cat with all the hazardous chemicals you want, and they will just keep coming back. There is no flea spray that will kill the eggs, so other than burning your house down the only solution is to vacuum the hell out of your house and burn the vacuum bags when you are done. Again and again. Combine that with a a Vet -recommended flea treatment like Advantage and in a few months you will have the perolbm solved.But let the cat out of the house once, and you’re back to square one.By the way cat fleas are specific to cats they won’t bother dogs or people.

    • Actually you have it backwards, they are heading INTO the crack, not out of. These are their sizes.

  9. Oww… to be stuck with a Robin costume. That’s just plain cruel!

    It makes me think of an old Hester & Chester strip where Chester is dressed like a roll of toilet paper, and Hester (not looking very happy) is dressed as a turd. She says, “Next year I’m picking the costumes!”

  10. Cicely says:

    They’re very cute, but why do the fleas have wings? I want to see them hop.

  11. WarlockJA says:

    They’ve got little brown things on they’re buts! Yah, they don’t look like fleas, but hey, draw them however you like Scott.

  12. WarlockJA says:

    Oh, and better Robin than a Batgirl costume!

  13. pleeb says:

    Actually Dick Grayson, the original Robin, was one of the most interesting characters in the entire DC universe to me. His martial arts skills most certainly rival those of Bruce Wayne and he is considered to be the greatest human acrobat in the entire world. He later struck out on his own after his adolescence to become known as Nightwing. And after Bruce Wayne’s apparent “death” (yeah right) he returns to Gotham City to take up the mantle of his old friend and mentor to become the new Batman. Sorry to nerd out, but I like Robin.

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