Comic: “3 strikes and yer out!

April 26, 2010
Comic:  “3 strikes and yer out!

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But…of course I’m gonna see whatever they do. Just seems SUPER soon.

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  1. Hoelli says:



  2. Mad-Bassist says:

    Heh, sometimes I think reboots should get the boot. Sometimes it works (Batman Begins & Casino Royale) and sometimes it doesn’t (Star Trek.)

    I think Smallville is the reboot here, and I’m burned out on reboots. How many versions of the Krypton exploding scene have we had to endure since 1939?

  3. Andreas says:


  4. Jaes says:

    Mad-Bassist, I dunno what Star Trek reboot you’re thinking about, but the one I saw was wildly successful and spawned new interest in the series almost immediately.

  5. Jason Howell says:

    “Super soon” doesn’t seem to sway Hollywood these days. (Hulk, anyone?)

  6. Wow. I have to agree with Jaes about the Star Trek reboot, though I don’t really see it as a reboot, as much as I see it as a spin-off of universal proportions.

  7. Donnerberg says:

    Watch this speech by Kevin Smith on the Superman movie he was supposed to do before you get excited

    If the producer he refers to is still tied to the Superman movie IP then Nolan is no doubt going to bail on the project way before the movie becomes a reality, or there will be a massive Hobbit-type fight and years of delays before the movie is done.

    In either case, I wouldn’t hold my breath quite yet.

  8. Mad-Bassist says:

    True. I did enjoy the movie in the theater (besides a glaring plot hole or two,) but it seemed unnecessary to rewrite the universe like that. It felt to me as though they were throwing away years of hard work.

    Now that I’m thinking about it tonight, as a Stephen Baxter fan, it’s just a case of an alternate reality diverging from the old, which has the advantage of future writers not having to know every single detail of the past series in order to make things work. I would have preferred a move to the further future (say the 31st Century,) but maybe the conveniences in such a time would have made storytelling difficult. The Next Generation series was good, but it didn’t have the “Wagon Train to the Stars” feel for me.

  9. prion says:

    I’m so done with Superman. And, as Obsidian has said, in order to make it a challenge, you have to deliberately screw up. I don’t see how Superman as a hero can be interesting to anyone over the age of 10. He’s morally perfect but he’s dumb and all the stories are repetitive.

  10. Donnerberg says:

    You’d have to put Superman into a setting he’s not usually in. Like Iraq or a future world war 3 or a zombie apocalypse or something. Then give him some stuff that’s morally ambigious to really stretch his decisionmaking to the limits. Of course then it could easily turn into a political movie and suck ass.

    But everything else is pretty much said and done as far as Superman is concerned.

  11. The_Julian says:

    Actually, Superman has been handled very well in the hands of the right writers. Anyone who hasn’t read Grant Morrison’s “All Star Superman” really owes it to themselves if they wanna see how Superman can create a powerful and touching story.

    And I loved the new Star Trek movie.

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