Comic: “Bring it back, one way or the other”

April 15, 2010
Comic: “Bring it back, one way or the other”

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Excited about Joss heading up that project, but I had a little fun at his expense anyway.

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  1. Shane Bursae says:

    That’s awesome! I miss Firefly and would love to see it come back in some form. Way to bring it back in Cartoons Scott!

  2. Dramble says:

    As long as its an internet musical with Eliza Dushku I’ll be happy.

  3. notumorrow says:

    serenity two would be… /joy

  4. Nejaa says:

    David Boreanaz, love it! Bones is a great show.

  5. dethmunky says:

    So…Captain America’s going to be a chick who has to juggle saving the world from Red Skull and finding a date to the prom?

  6. J O Y T W I G says:

    Firefly woot woot! just got your app on my iPhone and its awesome, so fun to share your comics with others!

  7. Daniel Mesa says:

    Josh Whedon meant nothing to me until he did “Dr. Horrible”, that one is the most original short-film… sort of… that I have seen in years. Loved it, I still watch it from time to time. I think that guy can do something good…

    Btw, I have started my own webcomic, it is even harder than starting a blog, way harder!! I respect you more now, mr. Johnson.



    • Nakoma says:

      Congratulations on your new webcomic! It looks like a very original idea.

      • Daniel Mesa says:

        Thank you very much, sir, I really appreciate it. Many people think that way too, although I can’t say participation increases proportionally to that opinion. 😮

  8. Mike says:

    “Captain American”?

  9. Tovias says:

    I’m not sure if anyone else watches Nathan Fillion on “Castle”, but as I was catching up on episodes earlier this week on Hulu I caught a hint at a future I would love to see. Nathan’s character helps stop a criminal and while being questioned the guy says, “I would have gotten away if Captain America there hadn’t tazed me” Then I hear the news of Joss possibly directing the Avengers movie? The conspiracy theory part of my mind went into overdrive.

  10. Nakoma says:

    Great comic, Scott. I feel the same way about Farscape as well… at any cost. 🙂

  11. Daniel Mesa says:

    Ohm, I just noticed the poll on the right sidebar about Lost. I’m very surprised of the results, I am still watching the season even when they make me frown every once and again with the whole brain-damaging chaos that it the storyline…

  12. Mad-Bassist says:

    “Now, I’ve noticed a tendency for this programme to get rather silly. Now I do my best to keep things moving along, but I’m not having things getting silly.”

    Sorry, got in a bit of a Python mood with that one. Now, I’m sure it would be a good movie, and I’d be the first in line if I didn’t have to work on Fridays, but if I hear that Scarlet Witch is going to be dressed up like a bellydancer or I hear the word “companion” uttered in any fashion… I may have to call in sick that week!

  13. HECTORtheTURTLE says:

    Nice work, as usual! Without reading any text, I glanced at the first frame and said, “woah, it’s Joss Whedon!”

  14. Orror says:

    Sorry to be Mr. corrector here but

    “Did you really mean for it all take place on a…”

  15. Nazz says:

    Love it, ‘specially your version of Whedon.

  16. Majere says:

    Not one to rain on parades, but AFAIK Chris Evans (FF movie’s Torch) is confirmed as Cap. Fillion would have worked for me though, he’s got the chin for it 🙂

  17. wonder6oy says:

    Sooo… does this mean every character I end up caring about is gonna get killed? :-p

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