Comic: “Bring it back, one way or the other”

April 15, 2010
Comic: “Bring it back, one way or the other”

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Excited about Joss heading up that project, but I had a little fun at his expense anyway.

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  1. Shane Bursae says:

    That’s awesome! I miss Firefly and would love to see it come back in some form. Way to bring it back in Cartoons Scott!

  2. Dramble says:

    As long as its an internet musical with Eliza Dushku I’ll be happy.

  3. notumorrow says:

    serenity two would be… /joy

  4. Nejaa says:

    David Boreanaz, love it! Bones is a great show.

  5. dethmunky says:

    So…Captain America’s going to be a chick who has to juggle saving the world from Red Skull and finding a date to the prom?

  6. J O Y T W I G says:

    Firefly woot woot! just got your app on my iPhone and its awesome, so fun to share your comics with others!

  7. Josh Whedon meant nothing to me until he did “Dr. Horrible”, that one is the most original short-film… sort of… that I have seen in years. Loved it, I still watch it from time to time. I think that guy can do something good…

    Btw, I have started my own webcomic, it is even harder than starting a blog, way harder!! I respect you more now, mr. Johnson.



  8. Mike says:

    “Captain American”?

  9. Tovias says:

    I’m not sure if anyone else watches Nathan Fillion on “Castle”, but as I was catching up on episodes earlier this week on Hulu I caught a hint at a future I would love to see. Nathan’s character helps stop a criminal and while being questioned the guy says, “I would have gotten away if Captain America there hadn’t tazed me” Then I hear the news of Joss possibly directing the Avengers movie? The conspiracy theory part of my mind went into overdrive.

  10. Nakoma says:

    Great comic, Scott. I feel the same way about Farscape as well… at any cost. :)

  11. Ohm, I just noticed the poll on the right sidebar about Lost. I’m very surprised of the results, I am still watching the season even when they make me frown every once and again with the whole brain-damaging chaos that it the storyline…

  12. “Now, I’ve noticed a tendency for this programme to get rather silly. Now I do my best to keep things moving along, but I’m not having things getting silly.”

    Sorry, got in a bit of a Python mood with that one. Now, I’m sure it would be a good movie, and I’d be the first in line if I didn’t have to work on Fridays, but if I hear that Scarlet Witch is going to be dressed up like a bellydancer or I hear the word “companion” uttered in any fashion… I may have to call in sick that week!

  13. HECTORtheTURTLE says:

    Nice work, as usual! Without reading any text, I glanced at the first frame and said, “woah, it’s Joss Whedon!”

  14. Orror says:

    Sorry to be Mr. corrector here but

    “Did you really mean for it all take place on a…”

  15. Nazz says:

    Love it, ‘specially your version of Whedon.

  16. Majere says:

    Not one to rain on parades, but AFAIK Chris Evans (FF movie’s Torch) is confirmed as Cap. Fillion would have worked for me though, he’s got the chin for it :)

  17. wonder6oy says:

    Sooo… does this mean every character I end up caring about is gonna get killed? :-p

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