Choose your difficulty

October 3, 2014
Choose your difficulty

About this comic

This one came in the night, and I jotted it down. To my surprise, I still liked it in the morning and ran with it. I hope you enjoy my nocturnal emissions.

6 Responses to Choose your difficulty

  1. Falos says:

    That is kinda clever. And I’ll bet Wonder Woman approves.

  2. Mark says:

    I’d actually like to see Wonder Woman’s hard mode if you know what I’m sayin? Wardrobe malfunction anyone?

  3. Classic! Makes me think of classic gaming where harder difficulty meant less protection and/or faster damage for the player—going all the way back to Pong!

  4. Liam says:

    Nocturnal emissions? Art works in weird ways hey?

  5. Jack Fox says:

    Nocturnal emissions sounds like a description for someone farting in their sleep 🙂

    This is a perfect representation of how hard mode seems to be in most games and it’s just no entertaining to simply take more damage or deal less. I find it more fun when the enemies gain new attacks or the fight itself changes completely to be more difficult on top of things.

    That said…. Still love Diablo III more than I should!

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