Can’t take it with you…

November 21, 2011
Can’t take it with you…

About this comic

I often think what life would be like without phones, computers, the internet, electricity…all of it. We would be like this guy. Maybe.

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  1. Namble says:


  2. Hadi says:

    Funny if he hears a voice saying “Yes”(robot voice) Awesome comic

  3. Chuck says:

    Try walking around town with out a cell phone or a watch – there are literally no clocks left in the world!

    • But I do that all the time and I’m still able to tell what time it is. Well thanks to the fact that local banks here still use clocks outside their facility to tell us the temp and time. Oh, and let me not forget the clocks inside 7-11 and AMPM. Oh and the clocks conveniently located at the train station and the park & rides for buses. Come to think of it.. I’m okay without a cell phone or a Watch. lmao! =^_^=

    • MadJo says:

      You must live in the US, most European cities have church towers with clocks.

  4. Luke Scooto says:

    Your graphic art skills are excellent. Very impressed. Once I get my affairs in order, ill be in touch, I need some work done for some upcoming podcasts, a blog, and a website im doing. Nothing better then a good cartoon avatar to lighten the mood. lol.

  5. ScytheNoire says:

    While watching the Walking Dead, I’m kind of annoyed at how no one is clinging onto any technology. There would still be many things that worked and would be useful. I want some technology in my zombie apocalypse.

  6. That would make a great film i’d say. Another great comic, Scottttt Johnson!

  7. dezibel says:

    aaaaaaah , Wiping tears….. so good!, something about that guys face just cracks me up!

    Lightbringer EU ftw

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