Breaking Bat

August 20, 2012
Breaking Bat

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Sorry…my Breaking Bad obsession knows no bounds currently. I promise, this is the last one. 🙂 The next one will be all video gamey and stuff. Want a print?

11 Responses to Breaking Bat

  1. wegetgeek says:

    Haha awesome. I’m working my way through season 3 now.

  2. Ninedark says:

    Flyswatter. Nice touch!

    • Anna says:

      We had a yellow jacekt nest in the sidewalk to our front door. Hubby tried poisoning them twice, kicking up my migraines both times. I didn’t work. Intense research on the web found a solution: the vacuum. The recommended procedure is to put a few inches of soapy water into a shop vac and place the hose within a few inches of the opening where the wasps come and go from. Run the shop vac morning and evening for an hour each day until done. In theory, it should take a week. It took us three weeks, though most of the wasps were gone after one.

  3. Tunaonrye says:

    Holy crap, this is awesome! I just bought the “Apply Yourself” print and I know that you and Kim have been busy trying to mail those out, but I would absolutely buy this one as well. This is a great mash-up!

  4. Steve says:

    Don’t stop doing these on my account. 🙂
    Love it.

  5. Joost says:

    It’s still an awesome show though. Love it 🙂

  6. CDRaff says:

    Like the show a lot. It is really cool since I live in Albuquerque and often see the land marks from the show. Actually in Season 3 the episode Kafkaesque in the scene where Jesse is at the nail salon with Saul you can see the place that I am staying. Very surreal.

  7. Lavaskajunkie says:

    Keep em coming, freekin hilarious!

  8. Fecal Flinger says:

    Awesome! 8 like he blue meth. And the fly swatter. I just started watching Breaking Bad last week because you are also talking about how good it is. I am about half way thru the second season and it is already in my top 3 favorite shows. This cartoon would make an awesome t shirt

  9. GDFKTT says:

    Flyswatter on the equipment belt. Nice touch!

  10. David Fretz says:

    Beakerman and Robbing

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