Blue Prophecy

January 2, 2012
Blue Prophecy

About this comic

Mario Kart 7 is awesome…but holy crap, dude. The Blue Shell is still there and STILL makes me want to punch baby ducks. So rather than do that, I drew something.

Also available on the store in print form for interested parties.

23 Responses to Blue Prophecy

  1. Eric Ryan says:

    This has been my desktop background for a few days already. Great work! For a related kick, check out today (1/2/12)

  2. Mr. Belvedere says:

    “The last shall be first, and the first, last” – Matthew 20:16

    “I want to punch baby ducks” – Scott Johnson 2012

    “Why the heck do i get a blue shell when i’m in first place already!?” – Mr. Belvedere 2012

    • Dion says:

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  3. orror says:

    o this one is cool

  4. WLiam says:

    Ahahahah that’s great

  5. Haha, that’s brilliant Scott!

  6. Gamerman says:

    Ah man, I wish I could get this in like acrylic on canvas…AWESOME!

  7. Taffer says:

    OMG need high-res desktop background version ASAP… hate, hate, HATE the blue shell so much!

  8. Paintguy says:

    Not sure if you bought them or created them, but the textures (and knowing how to apply them) really have taken your drawings up a level. This is beautiful.

  9. Rob Dalton says:

    OK, this comic is badass.

  10. dannyduke141 says:

    damn. this is so freakin awesome. now my wallpaper from now till who knows!?

  11. Kristen says:

    If this was a shirt, I would buy it so damn hard.


  12. Rob Dalton says:

    You should totally do wallpaper versions too.

  13. Masson23 says:

    So awesome! Using as wallpaper for my lock screen, thanks 🙂

  14. jqm78 says:


    I just set this as the wallpaper on my phone!!

    BTW…. LAST WEEK, I DODGED MY FIRST BLUE SHELL USING A MUSHROOM IN MARIO KART 7!! I Didnt even think it could really be done……

    since then, I’ve yet to do it again, even though today I had a mushroom and was just about to hit one of those yellow speed strips… still could’nt do it..

    I guess you gotta time it PERFECT.

  15. jqm78 says:


    Scott, I just wanted to commend you on the comics….. they’re the best on the web… I’ve just discovered it recently and I’ve been going through all the “back” issues…

    Much more relevant and funnier than Penny Arcade…. most of PA comics are not even funny or don’t make any sense….

    Keep up the great work!

  16. Harrierish says:

    Scott, your comic is currently on the front page of Reddit!

  17. Shadow says:

    I love it, but could we get a 1080p wallpaper version? I would gladly pay for a pack of similar Mario Kart wallpapers (for multi-screen users like me).

  18. jqm78 says:

    Just bought a 24×30……. can’t wait to frame this bad boy and put it up in my man-cave.

    Glad I could help support the site as well!

    Looking forward to more of your art, bro!

  19. krispyfresh says:

    I almost threw my 3DS last night. Led a whole race, finish line in site, red shell then blue shell. 5th place.

  20. jqm78 says:


    I know the feeling….LOL

    I’m two 150cc racing sets away from getting a three star ranking…..

    The one set with the donkey kong race as the first race is especially tough, I finally three starred it on 150cc yesterday….

    BTw: My online handle in mk7 is SGT.MASSER if anyone cares… hope to see you guys online….

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