Bizarro Montana

August 27, 2013
Bizarro Montana

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Look, I know the VMA’s aren’t for me anymore. The last time they were aimed at me had to be somewhere in the late nineties. But there are things about the VMA’s that seem discussion worthy to me. First up, the fact that VMA stands for “Video Music Awards”, on a channel that no longer features music videos in any meaningful way. Youtube should host the Video Music Awards. That’s where you get music videos now! Been that way for a while now. I’m a big fan of tradition, but this seems silly.

Then again, perhaps it’s this weird spectacle that people are after. I don’t remember being all that impressed with Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” thing in the 80’s. Maybe I was never the audience…not the audience that gets impressed by such calculated efforts to shock me anyway.

I don’t know…what I’d really like to know is, did people actually watch that stuff and come away excited, ready to buy more albums, ready to call themselves diehard fans of people they saw on stage?

Dunno. I just dunno.

22 Responses to Bizarro Montana

  1. Yeti says:

    Now that is a comic that needs the description reading before the mind comes up with its own theory about whats on screen

  2. Jon says:

    Admit it, you were really only watching to see Daft Punk

  3. Matthew Pfaadt says:

    You should have had the mom sitting right next to her with the same face saying

    “Sweetie I don’t even know what THAT is…”

  4. truth says:

    Aaaaaand another Disney “starlet” decides to tart herself up as an “adult” career move. Nothing to see here people, move along….

  5. MikeyH says:

    If it makes anyone feel better, you should check up on Hilary Duff. She’s married, has a baby, has written three books, and apparently still acts sometimes.

    There’s still hope for one Disney kid!

  6. Allison says:

    I had to Google “Twerking”

  7. JD says:

    I had to twerk ‘Googling’

  8. Jester says:

    The ONLY thing that would make this better is if you had a dancing chicken on stage shacking its plucked butt…

  9. PurrNaK says:

    Seriously, I watched all the live acts and came to the conclusion that Miley just doesn’t fit in. You have her acting like a 12 year old trying to be slutty just before the female dance crews come out for the rap artists… which results in Miley looking worse. Now compare this with Gaga doing her routine. Gaga is true to who and what she is and it comes out in everything she does. She also has a great coriographer. Miley … child star who hasn’t grown up yet and is trying to prove she’s grown up by doing it wrong…. In the end it reminds me of the movie Paul where the girl who never swears starts swearing for the first time.

  10. Bill Murphy says:

    Scott, I saw on the news this morning that two of her songs went top ten in iTunes sales after that night.

    So yeah, there are fans still out there.

    NOT ME!!? Oh god, did you think I was talking about ME???!

  11. Whoever has the eyeballs looking at them gets the money.

  12. CDRaff says:

    None of us are the target market for the VMAs. It is totally cool that people make things that are not for us. We are not the only people in the world.

  13. Vake Xeacons says:

    I find it amusing. Not the outfits or the performances; even at age 8, in the 80’s, I was too old to find excitement in artists who violate themselves on stage. What gets me is how desperate these people are for attention that they go to such great lengths to humiliate and display themselves as ludicrous abominations of society.

    • Hubert says:

      I was very pleased to find this wisebte. I wanted to thank you for your time for this wonderful post!! I definitely enjoy reading it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

  14. lurker says:

    Scott- Total War Rome 2 is coming out this coming Tuesday. Consider this my one request for a comic. Ironically it is a day after labor day.
    I’m sure you got something creative up your sleeve.

  15. Scott C says:

    And yet no one mentions Robin Thicke, who was a willing participant as well. Typical hypocrisy.

    • That’s not true at all. I’ve never seen so many footlocker / beetlejuice references in my life. We talked a real mess about him on TMS as well.

      We’d be talking about him more if he ass was hanging out, and he was rubbing a foam finger in someone’s ass crack.

  16. Lumathe says:

    I no longer even bother watching this stuff. It’s just a huge ego trip for the various new talent combined with desperate (and often dodgy) pleas for attention from the older musicians

  17. MrMushroom says:

    It works, people do get shocked and the numbers say so!
    I guess for Miley, getting rid of her Disney image involves becoming the next Lady Gaga!

    Yay (pulls the trigger, bliss)

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