October 13, 2012

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Really enjoyed making this. No reason. Just love me some avengers…specially the core four. (I know that the core is up for debate…but there you have it nonetheless.)

8 Responses to Assemble

  1. Jordan from Ohio says:

    Any chance of you selling this as a print?

  2. wegetgeek says:

    Hey man the Avengers aren’t the Avengers without Antman!
    Just kidding, this is pretty cool though, I like Hulks skinny as heck legs.

  3. LeLand Crawford says:

    You have GOT to print this one. I want one and I know several people I would gift one to. MAKE IT A PRINT PLEASEEEEE!!

  4. oh "that" guy says:

    This is cool, but sorry man, I liked your daughters better.

  5. Rugholm says:

    trying to copi your daughters work? 😛

  6. Bill Murphy says:

    The Hulk is my favorite. Skinny legs but he still has ripped pants.

  7. Changry says:

    Thems some Hulkin nipples!

  8. JT Long says:

    Let’s see, from left to right…Eric Van Skyhawk, Scott JJohnson, Brian Ibbott and Bill Doran…right?

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