Another Halloween comic…

October 26, 2010
Another Halloween comic…

About this comic

Just having some additional fun with my favorite holiday. Expect more of this before the big day.

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12 Responses to Another Halloween comic…

  1. Dramble says:

    Get ’em John Marston!

  2. Shappy says:

    Good one! Enjoying all the Halloween ones you have been doing this week.

    • Somphun says:

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  3. Ciaran Rooney says:

    Really Love This 😀 Keep It Going Scott!

  4. Tim Sage says:

    You should put this one up in the store, I would buy it

  5. Buxley says:

    Vegan Zombie says “Graaaains!”

  6. Level1Alt says:

    Zombies eat flesh mainly not brains though >.<

  7. dingoizdead says:

    just want to let someone know i spent my entire night reading every comic on here since 2001 … it was my first time reading any of these and i have thoroughly enjoyed the last 8 or 10 or so hours of my life spent here … ill be back when i wake up sometime tomorrow … thank you very much Mr. Johnson … hehe your name is johnson … ok its bedtime … goodnight

  8. dethmunky says:

    Brains for breakfast
    Brains for lunch
    Brains for dinner
    Brains for brunch
    Brains at every single meal

  9. SirWackerly says:

    Love this one! 🙂

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