All things being equal

August 18, 2014
All things being equal

About this comic

Sometimes I say stuff on twitter that makes for fun comic ideas. This is one of those. I will not say whether or not this is based on reality or not. 😉

5 Responses to All things being equal

  1. Jack Fox says:

    I wish Religion Had an Accept All button too!

    • Rafa Miranda says:

      Well put, Jack. We need more “Accept All” buttons in many areas.

      Battlefield Multiplayer is one of those (As a newcomer, I got killed and teabagged every 10 seconds)

      • Jack Fox says:

        You and me both. I will say this though, I recently purchased Titanfall, and the community there was like nothing I had ever seen. There were people on the other team offering me advice once they saw that I was a new player. Encouraging and even cheering me on when I killed them. It was… like I entered the twilight zone or something.

  2. Jon Ryan says:

    In-laws… mine are all outlaws?

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