A hard place

November 5, 2014
A hard place

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Every once in a while I give LoL a spin again, and end up feeling for my sanity. I know Riot has done a lot to address toxic player issues, but man…still not enough. And it’s too bad. I think I could find some fun in there.

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  1. hah, this is amazing!! great job!

  2. Tank-Like says:

    Sadly that’s the case in every MMO game I’ve ever played. I started playing World of Tanks in January and had the same experience as that poor guy in your comic. Now I find myself thinking “What a moron noob team…” every other game too.
    It’s to bad and often enough I wonder why that is. But man, the type of noobs I often have in my team, it’s driving me nuts 😉

    • soyweiser says:

      Has been my experience as well in WoT. Fun thing. There is a mod that you can install that logs player skills (win rate, some sort of damage average). Usually the people calling others idiots and noobs. Pretty bad players themselves.

      When you call them out on this they fall silent.

      I try to call out the bullshit. Experts shouting at newbies who just started playing etc.

  3. Jack Fox says:

    Fun little thing others seem to forget. We were all noobs once… None of us were born with some kind of genetic memory on how to play LoL, Dota, COD, WoW etc… We learn it as we play it. Now there are various speeds at which people pick games up and learn them but in the beginning we are all noobs :p

  4. Rifter says:

    I’ve been playing Fates Forever on my iPad. It is like LoL without the players. I play vs bots. 🙂 I am kind of scared to play against real people, for reasons you cite above.

  5. t33p0 says:

    I like the comic!
    I know there are many guys like this, but please don’t elbow-drop all MMO-Gamers on experience made with some idiots.
    I know there are also many nice guys who are willing to help noobs.
    I’m telling from my experience made in GW, GW2 and D3.

  6. Rezlow says:

    I actually picked up a copy of COD:AW (and loving it so far), it had been a few versions since I played a run’n’gun. Last night I got in a PS4 lobby filled with ground-up xbox-ers… the voices sounded more adult, but not what was coming out of them.

  7. Rezlow says:


  8. Tylendal says:

    Yeah, those are far too tame for your average League of Legends rager.

  9. mike kassep says:

    haha, well put, the gaming scene will show signs of maturation once conventional social interactions are held to the same accountability as real life!

    I played WC3 religiously in college (8 years ago). When I try now I find the game has passed me by. Rather than being assisted by a teammate, I’m told “F-U, I’m a pro you noob”…. you’re a pro? So you’re telling me you’re paid to play?

  10. spinninnzen says:

    Heroes of the Storm. Fixed it for yah! 😀

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