Comic: “Evoke”

March 25, 2010
Comic:  “Evoke”

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  1. BryanDavidWilliams says:

    I’m pretty sure that this comic is just me watching glen beck.This guy makes Ann Coulter and Bill Maher seem well rounded.

  2. MikeyS says:

    Two N’s, Glenn… just, to let you know…

  3. FlownOver says:

    Jon Stewart did a pretty hilarious parody of Beck’s show last week. Chalkboard and everything. Glad to see that Banner got HULK MAD when he tuned in and not just fear-mongered into a weeping heap.

  4. Contrapaul says:

    HA! This is one of my favorite ExtraLife’s of all time! Great job Scott!

  5. Daniel Mesa says:

    Who is Glenn Beck? I will have to google him up…

  6. The less you know about Glenn Beck the smarter than Glenn Beck you are.

    • mercator says:

      Daniel – the above two are right. What you don’t know, won’t anger you. Beck is Limbaugh meets Stern, but only the worst parts of each.

      • Devilbob says:

        Actually, you should watch him …. Know your enemy.

        • Andres says:

          I had a really good impsrseion for the first ligthing courses with Tony Martin and Lisa.We came through different effects to get the most of it with a good atmosphere,trully recommend

  7. Tim says:

    Funny comic. To bad the comments are from uninformed viewers of MSNBC.

    • Contrapaul says:

      Too bad FTFY. Define ‘uninformed’.

    • BryanDavidWilliams says:

      I just get irritated when I hear hateful rants, propped up by conspiracy theories based on anecdotal evidence. Honestly it doesn’t matter if it is a D or R before or after the persons name. These sorts of arguments prompt the same feelings of brain implosion for me. For example twisting differences in ideas and wadding them into a hateful paper ball at the end of the night is just as bad IMO.

      I fear that we are all entering a period were arguments are no longer a part of a conversation.

      • Foxlore says:

        I have to agree Bryan. Arguments are no longer a part of conversation, and instead arguing becomes ‘the’ conversation. Rush Limbaugh said X, Olbermann said Y, VP Biden said the ‘F” word, etc…all seems to take up more airtime than the stuff I really want/need to know about…all of it makes me want to escape and just read a comic book ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Bud the Chud says:

        So far all of his “conspiracy theories” have proven true. So maybe you ought to just watch him instead of listening to what all of the other news outlets say about him and regurgitate it as fact.

    • MikeyS says:

      Tim, I agree all too much

    • monkeyboy says:

      Thats just not true. Nobody watches MSNBC.

  8. Daniel Mesa says:

    Well, since opinions differ widely from each other, I decided to take the middle path and google up just his image. From the images that google offer, I have a better approach to the man, who according to the re-touched pictures of him as Osama Bin Laden, I pick that he has as many friends as enemies. (And if he ever wears a burka, he violates the new Sarkozy law on the matter…)

    I resume my state of ignorance from this point on, the whole thing is too complicated, and I like Bruce Banner on Scott’s today strip.

  9. nergon says:

    LOLed aloud, TYVM.

  10. I love Scott says:

    Made me snort-chuckle… you know when you bring up stuff from your throat while chortling? this is usually a sign that you must save and email to friends. done. i heart you scott.

  11. Imout says:

    Yay politics. Site has been going downhill anyway /bye

  12. Jaramide says:

    So incredibly spot on. Awesome work Scott!

  13. Sadface says:

    Scott your art talents and podcast are great without interjecting the political bs we have to hear everywhere else. I really hate the idea of a Marvel icon being soiled by politics. Keep it pure!

  14. Daniel Mesa says:

    It shocks me that people are this sensitive when it comes to politics, it happened to me very recently that I made a comic and happened to include the name “Barack Robama” as a robotic politician. Soon after that, I was accused of using an “anti-administration” plataform. I could have used Bush-O-Matic as a name and someone would have felt offended.

    I don’t even live in the states!! :(((

  15. Brian Duff says:

    Watch Jon Stewarts version of Glenn Beck… you’ll feel better about it and you’ll get your Daily allowance of Glenn in your viewing diet. And you won’t be angry afterwards, except at Glenn Beck and FOX news. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • pairodimes says:

      And… while you watch Stewart’s version, please notice that Stewart never actually refutes Beck, he only ridicules him. Funny how Beck is becoming reviled, but none of his critics ever seem to actually point out where he might be wrong.

      • Lucas says:

        What part of Jon saying his arguments are
        based on completely random/biased data and that if you follow Glenn’s childish mindest you get a totalitarian theocracy you didn’t perceive as punctual criticism?

  16. Bart says:

    Another vote for ‘boo’ on politics
    Comic strips like this are a slap in the face to people who disagree with your viewpoints politically and there is no need to alienate.
    If you wish to be political then you will reap the consequences which are partisan division.
    Instead of laughter and amusement this strip gave my stomach a lurch. Is that what you want Scott?

    • Yes, Bart…I wanted your stomach to lurch. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I just drew what was on my mind, and if I was Bruce Banner, I’d hulk out too watching Beck. You’ll note the comic says nothing about politics. Could have easily been Keith Olbermann. (almost was actually.)

      • Bart says:

        Ok, the neutrality of the Olbermann factoid makes me feel better!

        I have always loved your approach to this particular facet of our culture. Ever since I started listening to ‘The Instance’ while mowing my lawn (with ear muffs over my earbuds) I would cheer when you assiduously avoided political commentary.

        Keep up the good work man!

  17. Tsuga says:

    LOL! Awesome Scott, I love it.

  18. Santa says:

    Ha! Excellent!

  19. Steve says:

    This comic could go either way: He Hulks up because he’s mad at Glenn Beck or, he Hulks up because he agrees with Glenn and is mad about the information given. .02$

    • Autopartes says:

      Hi Jim,THE Best smile on my face from the artworld this week (month relaly)SO SORRY I missed Basel/Miami and tangential art fairs in Florida!Say hellow to Glen for me.Off to build a fire in the fireplace.Martha

  20. prion says:

    Scott i’m conservative and I think this comic is funny. Glenn Beck is kind of a turd I don’t really like to listen to him.

  21. Phil says:

    The comic is spot on. Beck gets lot of stuff right, but he is unfortunately, a drama queen. I’d watch him if he did a purely informational show without all the hysteria and dramatics. Beck talking about the outrageous price of a stick of gum could make Banner hulk-out.

    I used to watch Olberman on his Countdown show, until he went into an overly dramatic rant against Bush, and I stopped watching…

  22. e says:

    To all the comments who complain about politics…. this is probably a once every 8 months thing. You claim “If you wish to be political then you will reap the consequences which are partisan division.” but partisan division doesn’t come from Scott making a mild political comment, but from the people who get up in arms however they interpret it. The current political climate is just as much a fault of the people as it is all politicians.

  23. Sphinkette says:

    Uhh… yeah… Politics as a slot in a good idea? Not so much….. I’ve never seen Glenn on TV cuz, well, I don’t watch TV. I used to listen to his radio show and always thought of him as an intellectual lightweight. Cute comic, though I think you may be hanging around Randy too much… kidding.. calm down

  24. Sasquatcho says:

    Haha, I love this dude, sorry about your troll problem, I would never consider this to be a ‘political’ comic. What makes me laugh about the comic is not so much why he changed but the sort of hiccup transformation.

  25. Tyfighter77 says:

    Scott, yeah I was bummed to see a political strip. But I get that you draw what you feel like at the time and it works. It really can go either way, politically, as somebody said. But oh I’m so tired of politics. I go to sites like this specifically to avoid that stuff. Next time you have an idea like this and there’s a possibility of it being just as funny with some non-political subject, take pity. I need my stress relief!

  26. Samantha Jane says:

    Excellent comic! I would have lol’d but Will was sleeping on my lap!

    Scott keep doing what tickles your fancy!

    *Hugs for you, Kim and the family*

  27. Ricky says:

    Love it!

  28. Rhett says:

    Aye not a high point. It doesn’t bother me that people disagree on politics but when we start talking about it in the arena that I reserve for getting away from politics is what annoys me. People who don’t like Glenn will love this comic. People who like him will hate this comic. All you do is polarize yourself and push away readers. Oh and by the way with all the criticism I’ve read no one actually said anything specific that they didn’t like, just that they didn’t like him. That’s what pisses me off when my Republican friends complain about Obama. Say something specific and don’t speak in platitudes otherwise all you do is sound like a partisan.

    • Leah says:

      i dont think they are going to play out the “secret” if they do it will be good if they dont then i will be really upset. this ssaeon has been really boring

  29. idogis1 says:

    I think I set the lawn of the college Glenn Beck went to on fire once.

    • idogis1 says:

      Never mind, I think he never even graduated high school. I defiantly set someone’s lawn on fire and I think they had less than 6 degrees of separation from Beck.

  30. Aaaaw, does the little Beckerhead want a crying towel?

  31. Rhett says:

    Sorry I was a democrat until about 3 years ago now I’m an independent. I don’t even watch his show so if you want to play that game it will fly with everyone that wants to buy it.

  32. wonder says:

    “Thatโ€™s what pisses me off when my Republican friends complain about Obama. Say something specific and donโ€™t speak in platitudes otherwise all you do is sound like a partisan.”
    Jeez Rhett – you want a list? :-p

  33. BigDeano9087 says:

    I dont understand all the political talk. He said nothing political. He implied nothing political. Bruce Banner hulked out while watching Glenn Beck…so what. Great comic Mr. Johnson. I love the work.

    BTW….id hulk out too watching Glenn Beck…

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