Diablo 3 As Described By Walmart

Walmart’s product description of Diablo 3 is uhhh, interesting.

Owly Images

Oh, and by the way, here’s a picture of the D3 product in some of the Walmart’s out there… thanks @ChrisTheProf for this!

Joss Whedon Thanks His Fans And Talks About His Success

A great posting from Joss Whedon. Well worth the read and what a stand-up guy for writing this.

Freeze Yourself in Carbonite, for a price…

My personal life goal to be more like Han Solo just became a bit more of reality. Disney World is introducing a new thing to their Star War weekends, freezing yourself in carbonite. For $100 you can get a major dissociation issue, lose touch with family and friends, and get hibernation sickness, kinda. What it’s actually doing is taking a 3D image of you and then making an 8 inch miniature of you with a 3D printer and mailing it to you four weeks later. A bit pricey for sure, but I must confess that it really seems worth it to me…

Original Buzzfeed story.

Cognitive Re-calibration

U.S. Special Forces are taking a cue from professional sports teams. According to Wired,  SOCOM is implementing a virtual reality training program to enhance cognitive functions in soldiers. The basics of the program are designed to prepare your brain for confusing situations with multiple random moving parts. The claim is that enough training will make the brain “re-wire” itself in order to accommodate for situations on the battlefield.

This is basically how the Hulk super-soldier programs get started…