New podcast going up tonight…need your calls!

Key guys. Doing a new show tonight. You have about 3 hours to get some calls into the beef line (206.350.BEEF). Also any emails or whatever…get them in quick! (Looking at you Mortimer!!)

New show shortly! This will be #16!

The Rain Saber

Saw this over at eNgadget.

Rain Saber

Thought it was kinda cool. I think all long sticks should be made to look like light sabers

Kutaragi: PlayStation 3 “is not a game machine”

Exec portrays the console as a home media and entertainment supercomputer, says that gaming will be only one of its many functions. Here you go.

Voyager I enters solar system’s final frontier

The Voyager I spacecraft has moved into the solar system’s final frontier, a vast area where the sun’s influence gives way to interstellar space, NASA’s Web site reports.

WOW!!!! Look Here