Check out the 360 kiosk setup thingy.

Wondered what these might look like. Its nothing beyond the norm I think, but I guess you can look forward to seeing this thing by November or sooner.

Lawn Mowing Robots!

Gotta be careful with these…they are bound to take over the world! Seriously though, are their any other jobs that we humans find ourselves too lazy to accomplish? Because if there are, I am sure we will find a way to perpetuate our sad state. First automated vacuums, now this mower thingy.

Podcast 16 is UP!

Howdy all! New podcast up. We cover loads in this cast. Are the next gen systems nothing more than smoke and mirrors? Video Game Voice Stike! We talk more about the stealth switch. 360 to be Thankful for. Morpheus dies! UMD movies are succeeding it seems. Mortimer holds his first interview…with me! We take your BEEF calls!

Its all right here in the feed for you podcatchers out there, and those that prefer a simple 9mb MP3 download, you are best served by clicking here.

Smoke, mirrors and the next generation.

“There was a lot of hype last week about the next generation of game machines. Microsoft said the Xbox 360 will ultimately reach 1 billion consumers worldwide, while Sony gave a laundry list of features for the PlayStation 3, showing some jaw dropping footage along the way.”

This is a pretty interesting and down to earth article that had to happen following E3. Well worth the look!