Started a Flickr account finally….

I will start posting shots on the Flickr account pretty frequently. You guys are welcome to check it out from time to time right here.

Eighty-Year-Old Woman Trains to Win Title of ” Oldest Video Game Champion”

Now, Doris Self, of Fort Lauderdale, eats, drinks and sleeps Q*Bert, the classic video game from the early 1980s, practicing day and night. And, if she breaks the Q*bert record, she’ll be history’s oldest video game world champion.

This is great! you go, girl!!

Games that deserve sequels.

You ever wonder why some game that you can’t stand get about a dozen sequels but the game that you really want more of never get made? It is a shame.

I actually agree with much of this.


Holy crap, you guys…this show has a hold on me like nothing since the early Xfiles did. I am totally obsessed with it…I think the characters are some of the most fleshed out and well crafted in a LONG time. I have NO idea where they will all end up or how all this stuff will get resolved, and maybe it can’t without jumping some sort of perverbial shark, but holy pooh, that show is good. Thoughts?