Game of Thrones – Minecraft

In the interest of posting more insane Minecraft worlds, I give you Game of Thrones. For those who are not familiar, WesterosCraft is a project dedicated to putting the entire world of Game of Thrones onto a single Minecraft server. And as you might expect, it’s an impressive level of dedication:

Neil Gaiman’s Interview With Stephen King

Author Neil Gaiman has recently published his full interview with Stephen King. Neil says in his post the magazine he wrote it for is behind a paywall so he decided to post it to his blog. Definitely an interesting read especially if you are a fan of either of these amazing authors.


5th Avenue Frogger

Remember the Seinfeld episode where George didn’t want to lose his high score on Frogger and it showed him playing a real life game of it trying to move the arcade cabinet across the street? Well Tyler DeAngelo has taken real time data and used it to create a new Frogger experience. 5th Avenue Frogger is the result. He took a web cam and placed it in a building overlooking 5th Avenue and hooked it into a program to create Frogger levels based on the real-time traffic of 5Th Avenue in New York City.

It’s Minecraft Midgar from Final Fantasy VII

This thing is kind of ridiculous.