Mini-cast, ExtraLife radio #23

Wow! Nice new intro! ATI says the 360 will rock the PS3. EA does Arena Football. The Halo movie is happening. My Doom movie impression. (not pretty) EB and GS get hitched. Sonic MMORPG? Lame. PS3 kits are tight. GTA SA, the world’s first real Swear Generator.

Get the feed right here. You can also get the 8mb MP3 if you prefer right here.

EDIT: How the crap are you guys letting only 9 votes for EL radio stand this month? Holy crap! Do me a favor and get over there and VOTE!

ExtraLife Radio Podcast 17 is UP!

Short 19 minute show, dealing mosting with the following: Xbox 360 Price announced! Turok Lives! Revolution in 2007 in the UK. Doris beats Qbert at age 80. And much more! Plus my trip to see Sith. Just over 19 minutes of pain free listening.

You can get the feed for your podcatcher right here. Or you can down the under 7mb MP3 file directly by clicking here! Good fun. Still working with the new mic, but I think the sound qualify is on the up. 🙂 Your feedback is encouraged.