New “Experience Points” posted at

Posted a new comic at CrispyGamer. More fun with Vincent and Barney. Enjoy!

“Experience Points” launches today!

Excited to announce the official launch of a partnership with I’ve known the editor of CrispyGamer, John Keefer, since he was chief editor at GameSpy way back in 1999. He gave me my first big shot with webcomicry by running ExtraLife in the GameSpy comic rotation. When he recently approached me about creating a new comic that would appear on CrispyGamer I got pretty excited about it. Experience Points will run twice a week, and follow the adventures of Vincent and Barney, roommates held together by the sticky glue of gaming.

Even though Experience Points represents a business relationship, it also gives me a chance to play around with regular characters, something I rarely do on ExtraLife, so that will be fun.

There are already three comics up, with the latest right here. Enjoy!

“Experience Points” coming to

Been sitting on this for a while, but I am glad to finally announce “Experience Points”, a twice a week addition to the gaming comics running over at The official launch will be on the 27th of October, but I wanted to get the word out early.

I am super excited to do these for CrispyGamer, and wanted to make sure the ExtraLife faithful knew about it. This project is being done under the FrogPants Studios banner for me, and represents a great working relationship. The goal is to have a hand full of these all ready to go at the time of launch. What can you expect from Experience Points? The wacky adventures of Victor and Barney as they live dangerously in the world of video game culture. hehe. That was fun to type.

As we get closer, expect more details from me, as well as links, etc. Check out CrispyGamer in the meantime!