Video games aren’t just for Social Outcasts anymore…

Interesting article from the “Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication” that was picked up by Reuters.

“To argue that MMO game play is isolated and passive media consumption in place of informal social engagement is to ignore the nature of what participants actually do behind the computer screen,” they state. “In the case of MMOs, game play is more akin to playing five-person poker in a neighborhood tavern that is accessible from your own living room.”

Hey! This is something I’ve been saying for years…glad to see some people are starting to agree with it.

Full story on Yahoo! News.

The Unofficial Official MyExtraLife Teamspeak Server!


Hey Extralifers! Want to Talk? Want to discuss deep philosophical political issues? Or maybe your want to chat with a Teammate while you’re fragging away in a game. Or perhaps you just want to tell everyone about your last ‘Business Meeting’. There is a Teamspeak Server for YOU to chat on at IP Address:! (Or just look it up under “MYEXTRALIFE.COM” on the server listing!)

What’s Teamspeak you may ask? It’s FREE voice communication software that’s commonly used for people to voice chat while they’re playing games (as its usually a lot clearer than the in-game voice communication). If you don’t have Teamspeak, get it for FREE over at It’s pretty easy to use (even for the computer impaired). And yes, it is Adware and Spyware Free.

Need a new Internet ‘Browzar’?

For the Paranoid at Heart....
You’ve heard of Firefox and Opera, the two leading alternatives to Internet Explorer….but along comes a new web browser that’s purpose is to leave no trace of where you’ve been surfing (you know…for when you’re buying your wife/girlfriend a gift and you don’t want her to find out about it…)

The application weighs in at only 264k, costs nothing, and is Adware/Spyware free.

Official Website here.

Need a new Network Card for your PC?

I'm going to pay HOW MUCH for this????
The “Killer NIC” Network Interface card only costs $279. Pick up one for your friend while you’re at it.

HardOCP gives some insight into it what is, what it isn’t, and why someone may actually buy it.