‘How were the graphics’ you ask? @$#%ing AWESOME!


The folks at NV News has a thread in their forums with a short list of upcoming games that are confirmed to utilize Microsoft’s new Direct X 10. Looks like everyone’s going to need to upgrade….

Very pretty!

BloodRayne 2!

Lucikly most of you missed the horror that was BloodRayne the movie. But for those of you that did see and loved it (because you’re an idiot)…your biggest dream has come true… Legendary Movie Director Uwe Boll is doing BloodRayne 2!


Intel buying nVidia?

The business world is aswirl with Rumors.

Personally, I was expecting this sooner after the AMD & ATI merger was announced. Will this be good? Bad? All I know is the ATI and nVidia are getting a couple of Cash cows (especially nVidia if this merger occurs) that should results in some big time development in the graphic card industry.

Next up, Cyrix buys SiS…except no one notices or cares….

New FREEWARE Internet Security Product

Protect Yourself!

The ‘AMUST 1-Defender’ program is a new Freeware product designed to make web-browsing and checking your email a more secure activity. 1-Defender runs these types of programs as if Windows was logged into under a ‘User’ account with little or no ability to change any system files (versus that default ‘Administrator’ mode that 99% of us boot into Windows under). This is a pretty handy tool for those of us who don’t like the idea of setting up two accounts and having to switch between them…you get the best of both worlds!