FBI On Lock Down


Ever wondered what a website that had been seized and shut down by the FBI looked like? Well thanks to Nathan Peterson, creator and owner of iBackUps, we now know. iBackUps was notorious across the US for selling pirated software from companies along the lines of Microsoft and Adobe at very low prices. Nathan Peterson has been recently trialed and sentenced to 7 years in jail.

Remember kids, piracy is wrong and any sign of it should be reported directly to the correct authorities. But having hundreds of backups of your original software, music, games, movies, TV shows is all good

2D To 3D

Teddy Software

LazyRussian Productions has brought to attention a very nifty peice of software. T.E.D.D.Y, a Java-Applet based drawing program, takes any 2D drawn image and then renders it into 3D. The program even goes as for as to add shading to all your drawings. This is a very cool bit of software, and the best part is it’s totally free. LazyRussian also has a small video demonstration of the software in action.

You can grab a copy of the program here. Enjoy.

Optimus Keyboard Rears Its Head

Optimus Keyboard

Does everyone remember the Optimus Keyboard? It first appeared a few years ago, instantly wowing everyone with its very unique feature. Well back in February the team behind Optimus Keyboard, Art Lebedev Studio, began taking preorders for a smaller, 3 key version of the keyboard known as the Optimus Mini. With a then slated July shipping date, it’s only now the Optimus Mini has finally started to arrive at peoples doors, and a member of the Hard|Forum message boards has gone ahead and documented the unboxing ritual.

Did anyone hear bother ordering one all those months ago? Or is everyone waiting for the fully fledged keyboard said to be hitting store shelves at the end of the year?

Red Steel Gets Revamped

Red Steel

Red Steel was one of the most anticiapted Wii games going into E3. Sadly, Ubisoft’s shooter didn’t really deliver. People complained of poor graphics, disappointing sword action and overall sluggish performance. Well it looks like Ubisoft listened to what was being said. They took certain aspects of the game back to the drawing board, and in a very short space of time, changed the game for the better. Here’s the latest video of Red Steel, showing off some updated graphics, the new sword play and just how we’ll go around throwing grenades.

Please, don’t let the poor acting put you off. Is anyone planning on picking up a copy of Red Steel with the Wii at launch?