Runco To Make You Broke. Ten Times Over.

Runco SC-1

If you thought Panasonic were asking alot for their 103″ TV set, then for the good of your health, I wouldn’t read on. Runco, creator of extravagant home theaterrs kits, is preparing to unleash their new Signature Cinema SC-1 Home Projector to the retail world. How much will one of these beauties set you back? Try a quarter of a million dollars. The $250,00 peice of kit is setting a new bar of home projectors offering a staggering list of impressive features, including a 2,048 x 1,080 native resolution, 2,800:1 contrast ratio and the ability to display high-defination video onto a 40-foot surface.

Just a heads up. If anyone is planning on getting one of these, movie night is now at your place.

Stormtrooper Outfit On Sale


If you don’t have the energy or time to go through the DIY method of becoming a Stormtrooper, Firebox has you covered. They have on sale a Shepperton Studios Stormtrooper Armour. Shepperton Design Studios were the team behind constructing the outfits for the original Star Wars movies, all those years ago. And because of this, you’re getting something special. The helment included in the costume is created using the original movie moulds from 1976. The entire outfit is an exact 1:1 replica of those used in the original filming of StarWars movies.

Although becoming a hechmen for the Empire doesn’t come cheap. You’ll be shelling out £1299.95 (roughly $2,439.88) to get your cosplay on.

Cubicle Wars

Cubicle Wars

Cubicle War is a short film created for the development company Windward Reports. The short film centres around two programmers that find they have a little to much extra time to spend around the office. And what better way to use that time constructivly than to play outlandish pranks on one another.

Who would of thought, eh? The simple combination of a stapler and tie could make a grown man cry.

Weird Al’s White & Nerdy

Weird Al

The long locked comedic genious that is Weird Al Yankovic has striked again with another very funny remix. This time around, it’s Chamillionaire Ridin’ Dirty to get the special Treatment. You can bless your ears with ‘White & Nerdy’ here.

Weird Al has a giant back catalogue of song remixes, interviews and videos that are extremely funny and well worth a watch.