Temple Of NOD Case Mod

C&C Case MOD

With the announcement of a new Command & Conquer game, returning to the original storyline of the GDI taking on Kane’s NOD faction, this mod seems very fitting. An obvious eager C&C fan has gone ahead and created a C&C inspired case mod, taking the shape of the Temple of NOD. The creator has published a pretty in depth walkthrough of the creation of the mod, which includes a good size library of photos documenting each stage of the mod.

Xbox 360 Laptop In Action

Xbox 360 Laptop In Action

Remember that Xbox 360 Laptop mod that the talented Ben Heckendorn created a few weeks ago? Well, Heckendorn has finally got around to filming a short clip of the mod in action. Contrary to what a few people thought, the 360 works a treat. The video shows the 360 being booted up to the dashboard, and then launching Rare’s Perfect Dark.

Was disappointing not to see the keyboard in use, or any hint that it does actually work. Only adds to the speculation it’s there only for show. Heckendorn should start taking orders, i’m sure there are many 360 fans out there in desperate need to play them on toilet!

Rejected Iron Man Concepts

Iron Man Concept

It looks like the Iron Man production is well underway, but not off to the best start. Attempting to get the look of Iron Man’s armour is proving to be a difficult task. Brandon Perlow was hired to create the concept for the Iron Man armour. But after meeting with the visual director of the movie, John Nelson, his first two concepts were rejected as they apparently didn’t reflect the overall direction that the movie was aiming for.

What does everyone think of the first two concepts? It’ll be interesting to see what final concept they evetually settle on, because the ones they rejected by Perlow are pretty out standing.

Super Mario Animation

Mario Animation

Bitflicks is a new small site, that is offering small animations centred around video games, and the first animation is quite something. Paying homage to Nintedo, the creator has used a mix of stop motion, lego and CGI to create an animation of the first level in Super Mario World 3 on the NES.

Judging by the first video, I think it’s safe to say Bitflicks is getting bookmarked.