Gaming Myths: Top 10

Everyone loves Top 10 lists, and thanks to ExtremeTech we have another one. They created a list of the Top 10 Gaming Myths. It goes as follows:

1. The PlayStation 3 will Fail
2. PC Games are Doomed
3. You Need a $500 Graphics Card
4. Console Games are for Twitch Gamers
5. Handheld Games are for Kids
6. Console Games are Too Simple
7. PC Games are Too Complicated
8. PC Copy Protection is Too Onerous
9. Games are Too Violent
10. I’m Embarrassed About Gaming

The list seems pretty bang on. Although, I would of liked a “Not all gamers are overweight, greasy teenagers that saying ‘Would you like fries with that?’ has become second nature to them” on the list, but we can have everything. What do you think of the list? Anything that should be struck off? Anything needing added? Source.

New Vista Screenshots

Microsoft Vista Pre-RC1

With the release of Windows Vista Pre-RC1 imminent, a few eager geeks have managed to get their greasy hands on a copy and install it on their machine. The result? A few high resolution screenshots for all the MicroSoft lovers to drool over.

But is it just me, or does everything in Vista look more chunky and less streamlined like Microsoft claimed?

New TV Series For Fall

New TV Series

Get the Tivo set, or if you’re still sporting a mullet and shell suit get your VHS player on the go, as this Fall seems to be bringing us a large variety of new TV shows spanning across a number of networks.

Reading through the list, a few shows like Heroes, Smith and The Nine look as though they may be entertaining. As for the rest of them? Well, lets just say it doesn’t look all to promising. Does it? What are you all looking forward to in the coming months?

Surgery Gets Medieval

Trauma Center

For those of us that are still to get our hands on a DS and feeling slightly jealous for not being able to hack away at poor souls lying aimlessly on the operating table in Trauma Center: Under The Knife, fear not, as the world of Flash games has brought us a medieval alternative by the name of Dark Cut.

The game shares the same premise as Trauma Center: Under The Knife, but throws white coats and scalpels out in exchange for chainmail and hack saws along with a variety of other medieval goodies.