Japan’s Vending Machine Craze

Japanese Vending Machine

When someone mentions a vending machine, I instantly think of an over-priced, slightly warm beverage. But in the land of the rising sun, they’re thinking fishing and fried foods. It’s no suprise that they do things a little different over in the far east, but they’ve really gone all the way with their vending machines. PhotoMann has managed to capture a good few images displaying Japans wide variety of ‘interesting’ vending machines.

Prepare yourself to be amazed.

Say Hello To The Future You


For those that need to leave themselves a small reminder, lets say, 30 years in the future, then Futureme.org is for you. Just enter your email address, leave yourself a small message and set the date you want to receive it.

What does everyone’s future self need reminded of?

Spielberg Interested In Next Jurassic Project

Jurassic Park

The Jurassic Park series is now, as hard as it is to believe, 13 years old and we’ve seen 5 years go by without any return to the dinosaur infested islands. So it’s about time we saw a fourth in the series. Sky News is reporting that Spielberg is raring to get started on the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park series, and is considering directing the movie himself. Spielberg directed the first two movies, but left the third in the hands of Jumanji director Joe Johnston. Spielberg has said that Johnston is still his number one choice for the job, but if he’s unable to step up to the plate then Spielberg himself will take the directors chair.

The film is still set for a 2008 release, meaning someone somewhere has got a script together. What does everyone think? Did Johnston do a decent job of the third film? Should the Jaurras Park franchise be layed to rest?

50 Hidden Movies

M&M Game

In promotion for Dark M&Ms, the folks over at MMS.com have created a little movie based game. In the picture, there are 50 hidden “dark movies” represented by appropriate scenes. You simply click where you think a movie is, type your answer and if it’s correct, the box will turn green.

The game turns out to be pretty challenging, and dang addictive. Lucky enough, you can save your progress.