Floppy Disk Revived

Floppy Disk Bag

I think it’s safe to say that the floppy disk has seen better days, so what are we all to do with the mountain of floppy disks lying at the bottom of our desk draws? No, throwing them at the Amish is not the answer I was looking for. But creating a stylish geek accessory is. The guys over at Instrucables have put their old floppy disks to good use, and constructed a fully functional shoulder bag.

If you’re feeling creative, they offer a full photo walkthrough on how to make your own floppy disk bag. But be warned, being seen in public with this bag may result in severe injury.

The Thousand Dollar Keyboard

$1000 Keyboard

If everyone thought that the Optimus Keyboard is looking to empty out your wallet, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Stealth Computer Corporation is offering a stainless steel, 80’s looking keyboard for the staggering price of $1195.00.

Minus the nuclear warhead resistant casing, I fail to see any specification the keyboard offers that would make it slightly worth it’s excessive price tag. Can anyone else spot the thousand dollar feature?

World’s Most Valuable Comic Books

Comic Book

Looks like it may be time to get into the attic and start digging through the old comic book collection, as Neatorama.com have named the World’s Most Valuable Comic Books. The list contains seven well known comics, such as Batman and Superman, that date back as far as the late 1930’s. Each comic listed has it’s original sale price, and the estimated value that they could sell for in todays market, some of which are reaching into a six figure number.

Anyone lucky enough to own one of these rare beauties, or know of anyone that does?

Poor Mans iPod Dock

Homemade iPod Dock

For those that don’t want the expense of an iPod dock, fear not. As a crafty iPod lover has come to your rescue. All you need is a small cardboard box, some tape and the original USB wire that comes with your iPod.

Here’s one I prepared earlier.