Wii Photo Channel Video


Check out this video demonstration of the Wii Photo Channel. Didn’t know it was going to have video as well! Very neat looking. (Via IGN)

GCN Outsells 360 In Japan

Microsoft has sold 75,837 Xbox 360 units in Japan in 2006 so far, according to Enterbrain’s data. Nintendo, meanwhile, has sold 77,124 GameCubes during the same period.

That’s right! Microsoft’s new system was outsold by Nintendo’s five year old system this year in Japan. Crazy stuff!


Top 25 Simpsons Guest Appearances

IGN lists the top 25 guest stars from all of The Simpsons Episodes here including some favorites as Mark Hamill, The Ramones, and Micheal Jackson.

Wii Phone

That’s right! There’s gonna be a Wii IP Phone in the controller! Atleast according to Matt Casamassina’s video interview with Perrin Kaplan that you can check out if you follow the link. (Thanks to Tasan)