Up To 64 Players on a Map In Halo 3?

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This sequel has Master Chief return to “finish the fight”, as the Covenant have apparently taken over planet Earth and have to be wiped out. Bungie already has this game up and running for test sessions, and word has it that the multiplayer will be unmatched compared to other games. How unmatched, you ask? Rumor has it that Bungie is shooting around the area of 32 or even 64 players on a map at one time, which could lead to a colossal war the likes of which console owners have never experienced.


Wiimote Comparison

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IGN writer Anoop Gantayat got his hands on a Wiimote. Not a contoller for the Wii – it’s an accuretely sized and shaped Wiimote that is a remote for the TV. But that’s not what’s important here – follow this link to check out some pictures of the Wii controller compared to some stuff such as handhelds and other controllers!

Nintendo World Store Stops Taking Wii Pre-Orders

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We’ve heard from a number of readers today that the Nintendo World Store at the Rockefeller Center in New York City has ended its pre-order program for the Wii. I just talked to one of the sales reps at the NWS who did confirm that the flagship location stopped taking reservations at some point during Friday afternoon and have no plans to open up any further pre-orders. The staff expects that they will have enough consoles on hand to fulfill all pre-orders as well as meet the needs of those who come in on launch day to purchase one.


Star Wars Transformers!

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Yes, they do exist. Two of the biggest geeky fetishes unite to make the Star Wars Transformers! Click here and here for some more pics of these nuggets of joy. Now for those of you who wanna get your hands on these, just check around online.