What Bizarre IT Setups Have You Seen?


… since they were accountants, they naturally picked the cheapest backup solution they could dig up, which was a 40-dollar backup box that used VHS video cassettes, underneath a beancounter’s desk, right by his foot. Every few weeks, it would occur to him that a backup hadn’t been done in a while, so he’d shove the VHS cassette into the backup box with his foot, then nudge the start button with his foot, and return to counting beans. The cassette would pop out when it was finished, and that was proof positive for them of a job done properly.

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If you are a geek and never get what you want for xmas….


Print this guide, and give it to your parents, significant other or family 😛

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Video Game Cliches!

That’s about all the cliches that I mainly hate to hate. In years to come, maybe gaming will slowly remove these cancerous annoyances once and for all, but I’m very sure they’ll be here for a long, long time.

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