Follow-ups to the Monty Python and Star Trek video

These are two videos of the “Knight of the Round Table Camelot” sketch:

There is this one made entirely in LEGO
And this made in World of Warcraft WoW

DS with Swarovski crystals


From the article:

“The latest in a trend to adorn gaming goods with Swarovski crystals comes from Japanese designer Tikko. For a mere 45,000 yen (about $380), you can protect your DS Lite’s outer shell with a solid-crystal barrier. And it sparkles!”

Now I think that may be going over the top a bit…

Some shots of the PSPs GPS addon

From the article:

“We’re not sure how many more pictures of Sony’s GPS unit for the PSP we all need to see before we believe a) it’s real and b) it’s coming out in the near future, but hey, here it is and live n’ sprightly as can be.”

Click me for the pictures

UPDATE: This comes from Wee.

Only Japanese dates and prices have released, but the conversion rates show that the camera will sell for approximately $43 and GPS device will sell for approximately $51. Japanese PSP owners will be able to pick up the Camera from stores on November 2nd, and the GPS device a month later on December 7th.

Play Sim City Classic for FREE!

Yep that’s right. The original 2D game, released in 1989 is now free to play online! So get in there, build your city, and let a rampaging Godzilla tear it all down again!