Croc Hunter’s death film “will never air”

“Footage of Australian naturalist Steve Irwin’s death will never be broadcast, his widow Terri has said in her first interview since his 4 September death.”What purpose would that serve?” she asked presenter Barbara Walters in an interview with US programme 20/20.”

This is definately for the best, although I’m sure there are people out there who will want to see it

Microsoft announces “Halo Wars” RTS

A real-time strategy game based in the Halo universe has been announced. The project, entitled Halo Wars, will be designed by Ensemble Studios (Age of Empires) “exclusively for Xbox 360” (read: no PC).

And this comes weeks after Bungie told Halogen (a C&C: Generals mod project) to close

Opera is definately free until June 2007!!

From the article:

“Nintendo has stated that they will offer Opera free of charge as a temporary promotion for all Wii users until June 2007,” reads an Opera press release. “From July 2007, users can purchase the Opera browser using Wii Points.”

Finally we have some confirmed news (News article) that it isn’t just gonna be Japan that gets it free!

EDIT: The official Opera press release is here

Jackson talks about Halo film

Ain’t It Cool News has a lengthy interview with Peter Jackson

It is original and new and has not been seen before on the screen. It’s not Ridley Scott, it’s not James Cameron, it’s not what we’ve seen before, but it’s something new and fresh and it’s cool.

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