Google Offers Java-based Mobile Gmail

Google began offering a mobile-application based version of its Gmail product for mobile phones capable of running Java applications on Thursday. The company says the new product offers much faster access to e-mail than its WAP-based offering.

I’ve just downloaded this for my Sony Ericsson k800i and its pretty good. Better than the WAP page

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade footage leak

A user created video on GameTrailers apparently reveals environments and mobs from the Burning Crusade’s Outlands. The video explains that the footage was captured by placing the Burning Crusade code onto a private server.

Looks like some sweet footage. Can’t wait ’till we all get to see stuff like this!

ExtraLife in Joystiq webcomic wrapup

So go over there and give EL some love

Nintendo confirms Wii Wavebird support

Back when Nintendo first announced that the Wii would accept standard Gamecube controllers as a form of input device, there was the question of Wavebird compatibility. Wonder no more! Nintendojo had Nintendo representatives confirm Wavebird support, o’ glorious day!

w00t! Great news for a lot of us Wavebird users!