Muppet Camera Test from 1979

Would you like to see a camera test from the Muppet Movie from 1979? I did too, all of the improve banter is hilarious.


Look into the eyes of a player who loses a level 60 character in D3

Ever want to know what it looks like to permanently lose a level 60 character in Diablo 3. He took it… rather well. Well here you go, and by the way, as one should expect there is some harsh language here:

Via Kotaku

Backup Your File Systems by Pixar

The folks at Tested made a pretty awesome interpretation of how Pixar nearly lost Toy Story 2. The lesson here, work from home.

Diablo 3 As Described By Walmart

Walmart’s product description of Diablo 3 is uhhh, interesting.

Owly Images

Oh, and by the way, here’s a picture of the D3 product in some of the Walmart’s out there… thanksĀ @ChrisTheProf for this!