Addicted to Starcraft? Here take this.

A group of South Korean psychiatrists say they have successfully reduced “StarCraft” addiction by giving players a popular antidepressant.

Do YOU have a Starcraft addiction? Well, if so, you’re in luck. Seems as though the antidepressant Bupropion has been seen to decrease an “addict’s” cravings to play the game. The study was done in South Korea, where (as we all know) Starcraft is basically a national sport. They studied 11 addicts (those who played 30+ hours/week) and 8 “normal” players (about an hour/day game time). The results showed some decrease in “cravings” from the addicts. With further reading, we find out that there was no placebo group, so there is no significant way to prove that it was the drug that helped so far. Truthfully, the results haven’t sold me yet, but what do you think?

Decide for yourself.

None of this is real…it’s Legos

“I saw Inception twice in the second week of its release and built the hallway that same week,”

A college student, Alex Eylar, has recreated a couple of scenes from the movie Inception. But, oh yeah, he did it with Legos. Crazy? Maybe. Time consuming? Probably. Awesome? Ooh ya!

Pics here.

House Hunters: Geek Edition

Ever dream of living in the Bat Cave or Dr. Manhattan’s fortress on Mars? Well, an article I came across at OC Weekly inspired me to think about which abode would best fit my geeky fantasies. My pick comes from my inner child. It may not be the best pick, but it holds a special place in my heart for nostalgic reasons. It is the subway hideout of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the second movie The Secret of the Ooze (after it has been cleaned and tricked out, of course). Old subway cars, sewer entrance, Donatello’s gadgets everywhere, and my very own rat martial arts teacher. Makes my 10 year old self giddy. So, I ask you: What dwelling of your favorite comic book/video game/ movie/cartoon character(s)/etc. would you pick to move into?

Article that got me thinking here.

What was once new…

Ever wonder what the games of today would look like on the old 8/16 bit consoles of yesteryear? Well pixel artist Junkboy has tried to give a little taste of that. Some cool pics of games, such as Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dead Space, Little Big Planet, and Bioshock (pictured above). Maybe a trend is starting with the Halo 2600 Atari style game being released recently. Fully playable games next? Red Dead Redemption, SNES style? Bring it.

Pics here.